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23rd Nov 2003, 18:21
First off i just wanted to say that when i found out that MF were closing i was shocked, as it is a real pity to see such talent not being succesful when they deserve it as much as those guys and girls. Good luck to everyone in MF in the future.

On a lighter not, i am still working on the next version of the Startopia Mission Creator and i need your feedback people.

One of the main things i discovered when trawling through StarTopia forums was the lack of any decent way of working out coordinates for placing things ( eg crates, rooms etc.)

There was a rudimentry version in the first version of SMC, but i want to know what you, the modders, want in it.

Just post here with any ideas.


Xenobyte0 - http://members.lycos.co.uk/xenosoft/

24th Nov 2003, 04:58
Hello. Nice tool you've made there! :)

My suggestions, with the co-ordinate planner:

Firstly, the X co-ordinate increases in lots of ten - it should be by ones.

Perhaps let the user "paint" on the grid so that if they are placing a number of rooms, they can see where there is space for more rooms.

Automatically grey out the turbo-lift and bulkhead lock.

Additionally, with the Incoming command dialog, there are many more icons available:
Information (Peep Info)
Information (Peep Info (again))
Mail (Multiplayer Chat)
Green Shuttle (Communication)
Red Skull (Death)
Stellar (Solar Flare)
Bomb (Bomb Alert)
Bright Bulb (Invention)
Floppy Disk (Multiplayer Load – Do not use. Has magical properties.)
Breech Enemy
Enemy Breech Alert8
VAL (You’re a Winner – Do not use. Has magical properties.)
Station (Star Quake)
Cancel Breech
Target (Retirement Guild)
Purple Shuttle (Merchant Docked)
I hope this helps! Keep up the good work!

24th Nov 2003, 07:58
Shoot me an email when you are done the update.

24th Nov 2003, 20:42
I will do, AlphaOmega

Cheers Hand-E-Food for the tips, ill stick them in.

The coordinate thing is supposed to go up in 10's, cause the x coords go from 0-2560, with 10 for every square, there being 256 squares in the station.

24th Nov 2003, 22:06
There are two sets of co-ordinates in the game. When placing rooms and furniture, x and y are counted in ones. When you are placing the camera, they are counted in tens.

The other thing is that the place where x = 0 moves depending on how many segments are open. x = 0 at the edge of the lowest numbered segment you have open (I think). It becomes really complicated if your station spans segments 16 and 1. I'm not sure if it uses the west (or east?) most segment or segment 1. x = 0 is also different for each player.