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23rd Nov 2003, 16:54
ive just about had enough of all this. i might get IW and thats probably the last game im ever buying from eidos. i wanna know if anyones played Call of duty and whether its better then (what we've seen and experienced of) deus ex IW.
there far to many problems with DEIW. well i think the major problem here is the fact that the first Deus Ex was too advanced and too good for IW to live up to. someone once called deus ex "the thinking mans half-life" ....well unfortunately IW wont live up to that praise....guess im gonna get call of duty after all..well if its more intriguing then DEIW of course

23rd Nov 2003, 17:17
If you want a good shooter, get call of duty.

If you want a good thinking shooter rpg whatchamacallit, get dx2
(yes i said good)
after many tweaks, and changing around mods (u can find how on ion storm forums) I enjoy the game a lot. the only things that bother me now are:

no leaning
damage needs tweaking

other than that its great, and i think the damage and artifacts will most likely not be in the final product.

I dont like the UI but i'm already quite used to it.

23rd Nov 2003, 17:44
Ive played call of duty and the DX:IW demo...but not the call of duty demo...kind of hard to compare a demo and a game...I would say if you liked medal of honor allied assult then you will like call of duty...Its your basic run and gun with spactacular and epic battles...DX:IW,like Dx will be a story driven game with a plot and more interaction relative to call of duty..remember DX:IW has alot of variables with in the game that are hard to display in a small demo

23rd Nov 2003, 18:59
should i give it a shot then? i mean like i hear only approximately 20% of ppl saying its good. i havent cancelled my pre-order yet...im waitin till monday. and about the tweaks and stuff...do u have a link or something? id really appreciate that

23rd Nov 2003, 19:11
Originally posted by lyra
should i give it a shot then? i mean like i hear only approximately 20% of ppl saying its good. i havent cancelled my pre-order yet...im waitin till monday. and about the tweaks and stuff...do u have a link or something? id really appreciate that

Over 50000 downloads, okay a few issues are being shown, most of them are personal opinions as opposed to actual `bugs`. The few bugs mentioned are mostly known and are localised to the demo..

The demo is just a taster of some of the stuff in the game, shows none of the plot etc..

23rd Nov 2003, 19:15
story-line and plot and all aint a problem...the problems are obvious. im referring to gameplay problems. the plot and all SHOULD be decent or else theyre gonna get themselves ***ked over. i just went to the IS forum and it appears that DXIW is nothing but a PORT.

24th Nov 2003, 00:14
Just answer his question. Jesus. Yes its a good game. I have it and beat it. Its really good. If u would like to live the peril of stalingrad and mant more then get this game. This game is optimized very well. Bugs. I have not seen one bug. Maybe some clipping - Most games have some clipping. Very nice gameplay. Story? ITS WW2. Its good. When your done with single player then go into multiplayer. Its fun. Own ur enemies.

Hurting someone is a suspension
Killing someone is a lawsuit
Rape? Thats not a crime!!!!!!

24th Nov 2003, 00:16
wow these 2 games are so different it isnt even funny, a trully apples to oranges comparison.

24th Nov 2003, 00:30
Yes, I agree, they are completely different games. Ive played the IW demo and call of duty. I was disappointed with Call of duty. It took about 8hrs to complete, the gameplay was incredibly linear (the complete opposite of deus ex), the multiplayer was ridiculous and corny, and the AI was pretty bad. I can't believe it got such great reviews. IF a game takes less then 10 hours to complete it should get no greater then 80% for sheer value. There are some good scripted moments but for the most parts it’s another lame shooter. I don’t recommend call of duty. Despite its significant flaws and unnecessary alterations IW will most certainly be a better game with the story element alone.

El Padrino
24th Nov 2003, 05:22
Call of Duty is a great game. It's short, but every moment of every level is a whole lot of fun. As such, it has lots of replay value. Defending mother Russia from the fascist Nazi invaders is reason enough to pick up a copy.

But should you get Call of Duty instead of Invisible War? I don't think so. How many negative reviews of Invisible War have you read compared to the positive ones for people that have actually played through the entire game?

24th Nov 2003, 07:54
Yes, people were not positive. Until now. Now, everyone is positive. The human mind is a funny thing...

24th Nov 2003, 08:06
CoD's first demo was dumb. Its second one was not dumb. The game is great.

But it's a shooter, with no RPG elements to speak of.

24th Nov 2003, 08:27
This is a retarded VS.

Call of Duty is a shooter world war 2 mod.

Deus Ex only shares that it's an fps game.

THat's like comparing apples to oranges.

You only think comparing them makes sense because they share the same shape.

24th Nov 2003, 08:34
Well, it might not be a "VS." at all. The person may just be trying to find out what he/she should get. That's not so wrong. While they may be different in nature, they're both games, and all games can be measured by how much fun they are to play.

24th Nov 2003, 11:47
thanks for clearing that up viking...yeah the only reason i asked was to know which one to get. im not comparing the games at all. ill go with deus ex now. ive been through the first game, already gotten prepared for the second i guess its pointless to turn away.