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23rd Nov 2003, 16:34
I couldnt quite understand why so many people were complaining about the pixel shader requirement.... so I went and checked www.pricewatch.com

Cheapest GeForce3 - $83
Cheapest Radeon 8500 - $63

I know that my brothers computer with geforce3, 1.8gig p4, runs the demo decently with everything on highest at 800x600 resoultion.

Id say, if you dont have a pixel shader card, its definatly worth it, since alot of new games support them (though DXIW is the only one that requires them that I know of) and the Pixel Shading effects tend to make the games look alot better.

23rd Nov 2003, 17:26
Good post, however I must highlight one thing, I've got xp2600, 512MB PC2700 ram, Radeon 9600Pro and running at 800x600 with low details it still gives me crappy fps.

23rd Nov 2003, 17:32
so what ill glue it to the back of my notebook :rolleyes:

23rd Nov 2003, 17:40
You can buy notebooks/laptops nowadays with the mobile version of Radeon 9600 or FX5600. Not worth it unless you're an avid gamer...besides, gaming on a laptop is quite a poop experience.

23rd Nov 2003, 17:50
Originally posted by FliX
so what ill glue it to the back of my notebook :rolleyes:
what one do you have? in some you can actually upgrade the gfx card in it...

oh and on the radeon 8500 thing...the cheapest one is probably one of those crappy ones that are clocked at 183/183 (yes those do exist unfortunately)