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kain the blood god
23rd Nov 2003, 15:22
Okay!! On friday. Yes on friday I will recive my copy of Defiance.
Now to the point.
If you were to grade it from a scale from 1 to 10. How much would you give it?

Soul Reaver
23rd Nov 2003, 16:36
From what I've heard I'd give it a weak 9 or a strong 8.5... I haven't played the game myself (european PC user) Everyone desides themselves though...

23rd Nov 2003, 16:42
This would probably depend on which version you would get, as some people gave the video game low ratings because of glitches in the Playstation 2 version. I got the X Box version of the video game and playing from beginning to end I never ecountered a single glitch.

As for the actual video game itself. The combat was the best combat I've ever seen in video game history, even though you cannot block.

The story was really good, if you've played all the previous video games and understand the story, its impact is gigantic, dynamic and incredible. This is like seeing the final movie of your favorite trilogy after seeing the previous movies in the trilogy, like the last Lord of the Rings, or the last Matrix movie. You could also view it as seeing the last season of your favorite show. If you have never played any of the previous LOK video games, you can still enjoy the video game, but you will miss the subtle details, and story's effect will be greatly diminished, only if you've played all the previous video games will you get the full gigantic effect of it.

I would say the story is as good, if not better than that of Blood Omen 1, but not as good as that of Soul Reaver 2.

The graphics are superb, it is like watching a movie, and the characters have never been voiced so good. The acting is the best of all time, after this I can no longer watch television series nor movies because their acting is so weak in comparison to this video game it is beyond pathetic.

The sub bosses were incredible, each of them has different abilities they use to take you out. The bosses were a surprise. I never thought the bosses would be so cool, powerful, and smart.

No score can measure the greatness of this video game but if I had to score all the video games in the LOK series, on a scale from one to ten here it is.

Blood Omen 1 - 9
Soul Reaver 1 - 9
Soul Reaver 2 - 8.5
Blood Omen 2 - 8
Defiance - 10+

23rd Nov 2003, 17:25
hmm, I guess I'll throw it somewhere between 8 and 9, closer to 9.

Gameplay, graphics, and pace is better than any other LoK games. Storywise, it's also the one we've been waiting for in a lot of ways.

If I were to have any gripes it would simply be some of the world design. Everything looks great mind you, there's just generally nowhere else to go. A few secret bonus area one could stumble into would be nice. But more than that, just general level design, especially with how amazing Kain's first 2 chapters are (in the Sarafan Stronghold).

Still though, the best of the LoK series, easily IMO. If you liked the last 3 games at all, you should like this one much more, especially if you can appreciate some more flashy and fast paced combat.