View Full Version : So i might as well Bin my PC?

23rd Nov 2003, 15:14
I coudnt believe my eyes when I started playing DX Invisible War its got PORT written all over it, and Im seeing a trend which makes me think PC's are dead.

So everybody start throwing away your computer and buy an Xbox.

And the people who keep saying its only a demo? is DX really going to change that much in a couple of weeks when it gets released in the US? i would like to think so but cant see it :mad:

its never going to lose the console feel, which i hate

cheers sorry my english is bad not my first language :confused:

23rd Nov 2003, 15:59
You should be happy it works on you pc. It just wont load up on mine:( . And what really confuses me is that my pc runs Max Payne 2 and Call of Duty fine. Whats so different about DXIW:confused: :mad: