View Full Version : The demo

23rd Nov 2003, 14:10
Well I just finished playing the demo and to be honest I dont see what all the crying and *****ing is about on this forum. Ok Ill be honest the fact that IS has put the consolers before their loyal pc users is taking the p**s, yea I fell betrayed.But if I am honest with myself then I do realise that the game is infact not bad, its just that the fact that IS has so obviously made the game with console users in mind has tainted my appreciation of DX IW.

But lets face it the things they have removed dont make DEX what it is. All who are trying to say because you cant reload/lean round corners:rolleyes: or KO guards with one swing at the start of the game that the game now sucks are talking sh**. Yea its anoying that IS would remove these elements to please console users, but come on its just anger at the feeling of being betrayed that makes u want to slate this demo- this game does not genuinely suck, infact I thought it was bloody good.