View Full Version : No Leaning-No Stealth-No Ammo-No Skills-No Diary-No AI=NO DEUSEX >NO Text

23rd Nov 2003, 09:32
One despaired DeusEX Fan

23rd Nov 2003, 09:34
Oh shut up already! how many times do you idiots have to repeat the same crap over and over again, fine you dont like it, GO AWAY!

23rd Nov 2003, 10:24
Originally posted by ZappasGHost
Re: No Leaning-No Stealth-No Ammo-No Skills-No Diary-No AI=NO DEUSEX >NO Text

1) No Leaning: here here! I want leaning!
2) No Stealth: Really? I thought you could hide in shadows etc... :confused:
3) No Ammo: I hope there's reload later. I hope a lot of things.
4) No Skills: You have a point, but it makes up for it in other ways I think.
5) No Diary: now THAT I miss. A lot. And the conversation log. The UI just plain sucks this time.
6) No AI: Try it on Realistic mode - the AI is dramatically different.

23rd Nov 2003, 11:54

What is wrong with you?
I am persuaded , YES I WISH(!) , that a lot of DeusEX Fans post
the same , again and again(!) , everytime only the same.

>>>>>>>We do not like this kind of Gameplay!>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This is no Flame!

There are futilely Designers in front of W.Spector! Maybe this guys
are trying to show Mr.Spector ; "We are the project-leaders" here.
And we , the DX Fans , are paying for this stupid personality War.

Maybe iam wrong , but that makes Gameplay not better.

The Devs MUST read again and again , that we do not like this kind of DeusEX.


23rd Nov 2003, 13:15
To be honest, I've played through DX1 about 5 times on realistic without using lean function once. But I suppose if it can used aka SOFII style it'll be more useful (being able to see through walls with biomod makes it obsolete).

However, the other points are valid, not being able to reload and every weapon sharing one ammo speaks volumes are why this was implemented: console simplicity.

And ofc the all important skills...I knew they were cutting down but where the f**k has it gone now?
And why has hacking turned from ubercool timed process to this...simplistic arghhh can't bare it :mad: