View Full Version : how did you compleat the demo?

23rd Nov 2003, 06:53
Hey guys I just want to know how you guys finished the demo. What did you guys do to get there? Did any one find the air vent that leads you right to gob-zilla? Its in there.

23rd Nov 2003, 08:45
You got to kill all the guards areound the pad or pay saks off. then go talk to teh pilot in teh bar and then head back to the teh pad and talk to the jet.

23rd Nov 2003, 09:13
I killed everything i could find anyway i could. i even tried to kill people in teh bar by continually throwing beer keg's at them, then since that didnt work i went out putting a flaming barrel in the exit so the door wouldnt close, then i left so my weapons would work, came back in and sure enough the door was jammed open, walked past the guy in teh window, jumped over the barrel into the bar, but alas, your guns still become unusable:( so i still havnt found a way of killing the people in teh bar.

El Padrino
23rd Nov 2003, 10:32
Too bad there wasn't a "transgenic domination" mod, so you could try to get the gresels out of the pit and have them kill everyone in the bar. Except for that lady from The Order. Her joke was funny.

Anyway, I killed everyone I could. I initailly wanted to try it without hurting anyone, but the lady that infolinked me said it would help the community, so I decided I'd be a good samaritan vigilante. (That, and I didn't feel like parting with 1000 of my precious credits). The screams people yell when they're on fire are great.