View Full Version : The "In your face" environment of DX2

23rd Nov 2003, 06:05
Is there any way to fix the close angle at which we see the game? It's like I get claustrophobic and disoriented because objects and everything is like zoomed in by default, I feel there is no natureal peripheral vision or wider vision as was the case in Deus Ex 1 and is standard in most FPS/RPG games.

I know the XBOX is responsible for this, but why are we restricted to this narrow field-of-view for the PC??? It is among the leading things that make it hard for me to enjoy the game (and I really do like this game, actually, after adjusting some ****).

23rd Nov 2003, 06:08
Its just the level is really small, i think. In DX2 they wanted less open space. Which is stupid, because I loved the massive areas in DX1. Hopefully in DX2 we can get some big levels.

24th Nov 2003, 01:26
I can't play the demo, but the claustrophobia question got me interested: has Deus Ex 2 finally gotten scale right?

Nearly *every* FPS has rediculously oversized worlds. Undying was extremely bad in this aspect, 'cos it used tons of ingame cutscenes where the characters were dwarfed by objects. Yes, I know it's supposed to be a large mansion, but even then it was rediculously oversized.
System Shock 2 has the same: center your view and compare the eye line with objects. Desks are almost shoulder-height, doors are 3m tall. Toilet stalls could fit an elephant.

I suppose this is to make moving around easier, but it really bothers me when I play FPSes. The real world is not as big, and instead of scaling everything up they should make the movement system more exact so you wouldn't get stuck in an environment with correct sizes.

In the screenshots everything still looks pretty big, so maybe it's just the hud which cramps your view 'cos it's so small.

24th Nov 2003, 01:47
I know in other Unreal engine games you can type "fov x" into the console (where x is some integer), and it'll change the width of the field of view accordingly. Don't know how to do it for this game, but you might find something in the ol' default.ini

FuriousNoob >:-(
24th Nov 2003, 02:21
According to the default.ini the FOV is set to 90. Try changing it and see what happens. I completely agree though; everything does seem zoomed in and that bugs me too cuz you have less peripheal (sp?) vision.