View Full Version : Demo keeps loosing settings...

23rd Nov 2003, 04:37
This may be a problem on my end but the demo keeps loosing keycommands(defined keystrokes) and graphic settings.
This happens after dying and reloading a saved game or starting up for a first time.
Anyone help?


23rd Nov 2003, 04:41
yep lots of posts about it, all over , but i only experiencing it when restarting the game. loading and saving is fine.

23rd Nov 2003, 05:29
The IS forum thread on how to improve the demo by editing the ini files is http://www.ionstorm.com/forum/viewthread.asp?forum=AMB_AP619612110&id=34880 and it includes info on how to solve this problem as well as how to edit damage values, text size, etc. (The basic problem you're having is a result of the .ini files erroneously being set to read-only; change that and you should be fine.)

23rd Nov 2003, 05:39
To fix the keymappings not saving issue, make sure the user.ini in "My Documents\Deus Ex Invisible War Demo" isn't read-only.

Right click this file and unselect the "read-only" box click apply thenclick ok...poof your good to go!

23rd Nov 2003, 05:45
yea this game need way more video options. Frarate suxx

23rd Nov 2003, 06:50
thanks for the help guys :)