View Full Version : So stormy put a vibration option in the demo?

Devin the Dude
23rd Nov 2003, 03:43
did day really They out of touch man. I work in the industry myself. Games and stuff like that. Its cool. My daddy having a big Thanksgiving party he got a nice PC its better then mine I might try out that demo. I was going to get the Xbox version myself cuz I move around and take my Xbox wit me. Leave the Ps 2 at home and got love for the Nintendo GC but its too many games on the Xbox and PC ya know. I gotta work. Anyway to the point man, stormy they working for Eidos and Eidos has a fact finding tank that would make the CIA look like them three water people in Minority Report. Its not that they misjudged console gamers. There different ammo in Zelda. Ya know what I'm saying? They cant be dumb enough to not know that Xbox owners want PC ports. Xbox owners front and say "we are sick of PC ports" but thats what they buy. Then watch yall gonna see a bunch of Xbox owners on these boards begging for tool kits, key boards, downloads, and patches. If you dont believe me go to the ESPN sports boards and watch them beg for a tackling patch, go to the Max Payne boards and watch them ask for keyboard support. Thats just life. Anyway Stormy probably understand that and you know Eidos might too.

I just cant understand how they are so ignorant to PC gamers as to put a vibration option. Maybe there is a vibrating mouse somewhere, I dont know. I'm just tripping because they dont know how much a whiny group of back biters PC gamers are.

I'm at the Fable boards right?? Thats gonna be a sick game they got nymphs that will still your draws. The hardcore Xbox owner, thats who artist market too, cuz the casual buys license stuuff. Man the hardcore Xbox owner loves some BC, and Fable, depth, virtual worlds, roleplaying while still keeping console action, same thing with GTA. Xbox owners are PC gamers with a button combo. They want a hundred page Manuel. This game will sell more on the Xbox then the PC, or at least real close like Morrowind. Its an Xbox game, a western RPG and a shooter. Halo meets Morrowind. Bioware learned real quick console gamers wait till they have the game then bum rush the boards hard. If Eidos and Stormy think they misjudged things now, just wait. These boards are going to be real interesting.