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23rd Nov 2003, 02:58
All over the board people have either been furiously bashing the demo or blindly defending it. Those angry at the bashers should realize that they are bashing for a reason. I don't think anyone really articulated it yet, but the thing that really bothers many of us about the demo is that since we're all (or most) avid fans of Deus Ex 1, we were hoping for more of the gameplay we love. regardless of whether or not its the xbox's fault, Ion Storm has changed the interface ("dumbed down", if you will), eliminated the skill system (something I really loved about the original) and taken away many of the elements that made the game more than a shooter. The 'general' ammo and no reload take away from the realism, and the lack of localized damage is another HUGE problem for me. Also, I'm not into gratuitous violence, but I was very dissapointed at the combat systems graffics. VERY unrealistic, almost cartoony (which I think is even more desensitizing and takes away from the idea that violence has consequences, which seemed to really matter in this game. I know its only a demo, but face it, nothing is going to change at this point in the official release. Its two weeks away! I'm dissapointed IS tried to apeal to a different crowd with this game, and I'm not going to buy it. flame away, you angry masses!

23rd Nov 2003, 03:08
Do the tweaks and play it a few more times. I can garantee that you will like it. I had a similar attitude to yours when I first started playing, but soon you get used to the HUD, you forget about reloading and unifed ammo (I actaully like the unified ammo really), and with the tweaks you can kill a person with one shot to the head.

I just played it, tweaked and all, and it was great. I was sneaking around, monitoring the thugs patrol through the wall with my biomod. I shot the glass silently with my glass stabilizer modded pistol, shot the greasel in the head, jumped in quickly and ran into the bathroom, waiting for the thug to come running in. With her back turned, I swiftly went behind her and smashed her head in with my baton :D
Unconcious on the ground, I shot her twice, smiling as she died with a soft 'Ohh...ughh.."

And this is with a default character. Imagine acaully being able to customize your character in the full version. Man, this game is gonna own.

23rd Nov 2003, 03:11
Yeah, I played with the tweeks, but I the real problem is with the fundimental differences in gameplay (the headshot thing helped ALOT, but still). I just think that the game has shifted attitudes, and I personally don't care for it anymore.

23rd Nov 2003, 03:44
You wont be able to customize everything like you did in DE1 or even KOTOR. I mean small fonts, whatever fonts, lame interface or not, its just doesnt add anything to what the original not already had. For me, it took away the things i loved.

But If your happy with playing a semi-rpg, then go play yourself to death.

On a positive note, i have to say that i like the visuals and the music. Well done. Too bad that this couldve been so much more.

Bio Denton
23rd Nov 2003, 03:51
I like the game and I don't think the demo is showing the full potential of the game, but I agree, it feels like a console port. Why?

1: The movement was obviously designed for gamepad play. Or has no one else noticed the "floaty" motion and jumping?

2: Hacking, Locks, Keypads, etc. All one-click wonders. If that is immersion, oh dear. I'm sure the XBox users will be wetting themselves at such interaction, though.

3: No matter how high I set the resolution, it just seems BIG and in your face, like it was mean't to be played from a distance away.. Say, on a couch for instance.

4: I have seen a lot of reasons, including in the DevChat, of reasons why not having features such as: reloading, damage localisation, variable-ammo types, etc, can be a good thing, but no reasons of why they have actually removed them. It is obviously because of the lack of buttons on a console gamepad and no one wants to say it.

5: "Vibration" option. What? Is that for people who don't have consoles, but don't know how to use a mouse and keyboard, so they use a Gamepad on the PC?

I don't think I will ever compare this game to Deus Ex, it is just not on the same level. Deus Ex was it's own genre, this is more of an Adventure FPS. I believe it will be good though and if you don't try to compare it to Deus Ex too much, I think you'll see that it can be a good experience in gaming.

I have and always will be a fan of Edios' and Ion Storm's work, and I hope this game pans out and works, but as an avid fan, and not "fanboy" or "hater", I can't help feeling that they have somewhat sold out the original fanbase of PC gamers for the more lucrative market.

To the fanboys: C'est la vie.

To the haters: Grow up.

Well, I'm not posting on this forum anymore, as it has gone to s**t with the release of the demo. I'll be in the Deus Ex forums, where it is safe :p

23rd Nov 2003, 04:17
Originally posted by Bio Denton
4: I have seen a lot of reasons, including in the DevChat, of reasons why not having features such as: reloading, damage localisation, variable-ammo types, etc, can be a good thing, but no reasons of why they have actually removed them. It is obviously because of the lack of buttons on a console gamepad and no one wants to say it.

Ah, the xbox has 10 buttons overall, I think they could have fit a reload button. And what the hell does damage localization and ammo types have to do with the number of buttons on the controller? Halo had both of those things, as well as reloading.

Bio Denton
23rd Nov 2003, 04:40
Halo is a Shooter FPS, not an Adventure/RPG FPS, it requires less controls.

Fire, Alt-fire, Use, Jump, Crouch, Inventory, Bio-Mods, Walk/Run toggle, Toolbelt, Datavault.

Well, that's 10 without thinking, some will need a back and forward button for selection or some form of extremely annoying menu control.

Damage Localization? Well, you would need a button to switch from movement to aiming at the head.

I agree, ammo-unification may just be part of the technology evolution.

23rd Nov 2003, 04:50
You use the two joysticks for movement and aiming. And they are also clicked inwards to act as buttons. True, halo requires less buttons, and as such it doesn't actually use all 10 of xbox's buttons. But most buttons can be doubled, especially inventory ones.

I dont think the 'limitations' of the controller had any effect on the PC versions production, and if it did, Warren Spector must have approached this game with the steadfast determination of a moron running into a wall.

Bio Denton
23rd Nov 2003, 05:00
Well, I'm sure we can both agree that there are not enough controls on the XBox for the game to use it's full-potential and PC versions will suffer for that.

I don't wanna post about this anymore.

23rd Nov 2003, 06:16
Deus Ex Invisible War is not a port of an Xbox version. While things like larger weapons may change opinions the game designers have already had experiences with both console and PC. Deus Ex was first brought on PC and then progressed to PS2. When they ported it onto PS2 they changed things relizing that the game could hold the same complexity but use less windows. Of course because of the new emmersive gamestyle they showed for the PC version it sold 1000 times better and won Game of the Year from many people. By stating this all I'm saying is they wont screw around. They can still hold the same game in a simpler package. Simplicity isnt always boring or worse it can add to gameplay which is probably what their trying to accomplish. Lets not put them down before the game is fully released and then we can compare versions towards console and PC.