View Full Version : Not enough space?

23rd Nov 2003, 02:30
When I click to start a new game I get a black screen with this error.

"You pc dosen't have enough free space to start a new game"

I have 512m ram, a 700+ swap file and a 128m 9600pro. Each of my drives has at least 1.5g free.

What "space" is this message talking about??

23rd Nov 2003, 05:16
If this is the ancient problem that I think it may be, then the following will fix it.

On the drive with the saves(probably the drive you installed it to) use up some space(I'm guessing about 50 MB should work).

I don't know why I'm helping seeing as I haven't been able to play the demo yet.:rolleyes:

23rd Nov 2003, 06:08
Thanks for the advice. Tried it, did not work :( Copied over ~100M of files to that drive.

23rd Nov 2003, 06:19
You may want to try setting virtual memory to auto, but I doubt that will help.

26th Nov 2003, 13:42
I had the same error message each time I tried to start a new game. My issue was that I had previously re-routed the "My Documents" folder on my computer to another computer on my home network. When the game installed it put some of the files in this folder on the other computer, causing the error when I tried to start a new game. I uninstalled the demo, set the "My Documents" folder back to the default target location, re-installed the demo, and it works now. Hope this helps!

26th Nov 2003, 14:20
Thanks, I will give that a try. I do have the My documents folder pointed to a file server.