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23rd Nov 2003, 01:33
Important Bug:
Betting on Gobzilla returns 4 to 1 payoff. The odds are in Gobzilla's favor, that's not right.

I was a bit dissipointed by the oversimplification involved.

No grid inventory, just 6 weapon slots and 6 inventory slots. Weapon mods are stored in a seperate inventory you can't see unless you enter mod-mode of a weapon. Skills are completely gone - apparently the only reason you can hack in the demo is because you have a lvl 3 hacking implant. No sign of experience point earning.

However, an experience like this is enough to sell me. Do not real below if you're worried about demo spoilers.

I decided to take up that Greasal Pit gambler's offer to knock off Gobzilla. I found an alternate entrance into the Gobzilla owner's apartment on the fire escape.

There was a box on the fire escape. Again mystified by FPS-makers' fascination with boxes, I picked it up (right click) and tossed it off of the fire escape. Mission accomplished, the fire escape was all mine.

I decided to knock out the window into the bathroom with the captive greasal food (cats). I did so with my combat knife when the owner was not nearby (using my wall penetrating F2 implant to determine this was the case). Apparently the bathroom door being closed was enough to muffle the sound.

Now I had a problem. Climbing into the window proved hard to do by myself because my nano-augmented super-soldier was apparently unable to bend over and crawl in himself. Instead he could just crouch and jump, and apparently not crouchjump Half-Life style. (I found later I can rappel, but not for a window this small - you can get into these things through jumping/crouching but it takes effort and makes noise.)

I needed my box back so I climbed down the fire escape and found the box. I chucked it back up again (right click to pick up, left click to toss) in one go. Pretty slick how well that worked.

I attempted to jump onto the box but my feet kicked the box out of the way. So I pushed the box up against the wall, where it smoothly intersected on one of it's sides. At this point the box became stable enough that I could easily jump onto it, then crouch to slide into the window. Again, pretty slick how well that worked.

Now I was in the bathroom, navigating the dangerous hazards of two live cats stuck in a small room. Using my F2 implant I made sure the owner was not within visual range of the door and opened it up, remaining flat against the wall so the greasal in the cage could not see me.

I pulled out a Spiderdroid grenade and tossed it in. Immediately the spiderdroid deployed and started attacking the gresal. The owner heard the commotion and ran in with a pistol. She threw her own spiderdroid grenade. The gresal went down, but the owner's spiderdroid and pistol fire quickly disabled my own Spiderdroid.

I had managed to stay undetected in the bathroom except for the Spiderdroid which sent some EMP shocks my way. I closed the door and the Spiderdroid said in it's own little electronic way that it had lost it's target. The owner apparently didn't notice it had found one, perhaps figuring one of the cats inside the bathroom closed the door on their own. (Yes, that's a stretch).

Now I had another problem, I couldn't climb out the bathroom window due to the same crouch-jump issue before. However, a solution was quickly apparent - I simpy picked up the box through the window (usiung right click) and dropped it neatly in front of me (right click again). A little shove and it was flat against the wall, jumped up on the box and slipped out onto the fire escape again. No problemo.

Mission accomplished, the Greasal was apparently out of commision. So I snuck out back to The Greasal Pit tavern again. Arriving at the pit and placing my bet, I was surprised to discover that in fact Gobzilla was still alive, it promptly tore the competition to bits.

Speaking to the guy who I said I would knock out gobzilla to, my avatar said, "I don't get it - I knocked Gobzilla out". The other guy said, "I said kill it, don't knock it out". Apparently my little spider droid's electronic attacks are only good for stunning, not killing. Nifty that the game could tell the difference.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed. While I can sympathise with people who are having technical issues with the game, I thankfully dodged that bullet and i like what I see.

23rd Nov 2003, 01:56
Whoa, now that IS pretty good. I'm glad to see it actually makes a difference now whether you KO or kill, at least in some situations.

23rd Nov 2003, 02:03
Thats pretty cool :cool:

23rd Nov 2003, 03:35
Originally posted by F3nyx
Whoa, now that IS pretty good. I'm glad to see it actually makes a difference now whether you KO or kill, at least in some situations.

There was stuff like this in the first too, though probably not as noticible. When you're in the whatcha ma call ums, sewer thing, with the crazy sewer people or whatever, and that one drug dealing guy wants you to kill the other drug dealing guy so he doesn't have competition, and when you succeed he says "Cool. Now I'm gonna get me a GEP gun." And he's all like yippeee! and stuff.

Anyway, if you just knock him out, he's all like "****! I said kill him, not knock him out. Ah hell, It's good enough I guess. I'll just send someone down there to finish him off."

yeah. Really.

I like cheese.

23rd Nov 2003, 06:50
That is pretty funny about Gobzilla. Here is something even funnier.

You don't have to do anything complicated to kill Gobzilla. Just go up the fire escape and stand in the first window. When Tina sees you, she will throw that spider grenade at the window. The window doesn't break. But do leave. Otherwise Tina will eventually break the window with pistol shots meant for you. Anyway, the spider bot from Tina starts attacking Gobzilla and will kill it for you. LoL. You can avoid ever having to encounter Tina in her apartment at all.

Go back to the Greasel Pit. Bet on Snake Eyes (who will win). And get your bounty from the other trainer. If you now return back to Tina's apartment, she is gone. The spider is gone. But there are a number of nice items to pick up (concussion grenade, spider grenade, ammo, etc.)

23rd Nov 2003, 06:51
i like the demo to.

23rd Nov 2003, 08:27
I was overall impressed, just two minor quirks that I had about it aside from what I've listed in other threads.

1. After the greasel fight, you're health leech biomod should be able to decompose the greasel, lol. Maybe there's glass in the way or something, I don't remember, but it seemed to me like it should.

2. What is up with the jumping? Is it even possible to make a small jump? You can either jump high, and then try and move which doesn't do much, or you can run and then jump in which case, you leap, and you seem to have little control over how far you jump. Could just be me, I havn't messed with it a lot yet.