View Full Version : so whats the fix for the 312x260 doom 1 graphics?

23rd Nov 2003, 01:15
i tried a search, but its too hard to filter through all this stuff.
anyone have a quick fix for the lego block graphics?(8bit)

1.2 athlon
256 pc100
gefart 4400

im waiting for my MB to get back from ASUS, they had to repair a
defect-(2.4ghz, 512 rambus)

23rd Nov 2003, 01:22
Turn up your resolution, turn off light bloom, increase the contrast, troll through the default.ini file for graphics settings and optimize them to meet your needs.

Textures, by the way, are still weak, but thats prolly because the high-res textures would have doubled the size of the demo.

I would add that your processor's a tad on the low side.

23rd Nov 2003, 01:29
i set the rez to 1024 but the graphics are bugged, incredibly bugged-when i say 8 bit i mean, 8 bit. like its on a gameboy.
with terrible blotchy hues of red and it starts at the menu-not the 'commercials'(eidos, ubi)

its a bug that i saw 2 other people last night complain about.

also, does deus ex 2 automatically install DX 8.1?... i had to upgrade it back to 9.0b after install.

23rd Nov 2003, 01:35
I don't think that the demo installs any DirectX. I would get the latest of all drivers (including Detonator) if I were you.

There's a setting at the bottom of the video options in the game that I think is supposed to affect what you're seeing (I don't remember what its called! *blushes* But its a number - 1, 2, 3, 4...) so you should try messing with that.

Also, video settings are associated with savegames, so your settings will "relapse" every time you start a new game. Don't forget that.

23rd Nov 2003, 02:06

I went over to the IoS site for this thread which will help to make some things better (a work in progress but several objections re: demo can be fixed) :) Ta and Good Hunting!

23rd Nov 2003, 02:13
thx for the reply.
i meant ion storm, not ubi btw :)

the graphics are fine up until it 'loads' the main menu screen..even when i set the rez and the sampling and the bloom it has the same affect. the colors are completely saturated. when i choose new game and it sets the 'loading' screen it has the appropriate graphics until i get in the game and the colors(reds and orages especially) are saturated and pixelated.

ive just put this rig together on a freshly formatted system and updated all the drivers. i play pc games frequently and take care of my rig. i play ut2k3 which is the 'same' engine as deus ex2 without any problems...in fact i played alot of games without any