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23rd Nov 2003, 00:49
First of all , I have to say that I didn't have the courage to play the demo more than 5 minutes...
I was so disgusted by everything , I don't know what to say...
Everything is so horrible... the interface is an insult to MS-DOS and graphics are specially blurred for one-eyed console walruses.
It's a shame...it's a catastrophe, it's the end of my little world.
3 years for such a piece of utter sh**e.
This is not one of the biggest dissapointments of all time for ME, but certainly for EVERYONE who really liked Deus Ex for what it was back in the days... *sigh*

Eidos , have fun selling Deux Ex for Xbox.
JC Denton , We Salute You.
Rest in Peace.

[Removed warez comments -Random]

23rd Nov 2003, 00:59
Must have been a very little world, for such a little mind to survive so long.

23rd Nov 2003, 01:02
I've been one to criticize the demo but seriously, calm down. You are completely over reacting. It's a dissapointment to us all in some way or another, but you really don't have much to say if you didn't play more than 5 minutes. I've beatin it almost 7 or 8 times already, each time playing through it a different way. Sure I only had a choice of like 2 possible endings (killing, paying up), but its how I got there that made is fun. The first time I almost cried. The second time I looked at the game as a whole to see the good. Ever since I just can't stop playing and I'm more excited about it than I was before I played the demo. I'm sorry you feel that way but know that you're the one missing out. I still admit there are too many little problems... but they don't destroy everything about Deus Ex for me.

And yes, come December 3rd... or is it 2nd? Whatever, come then, I'll be throwing my $50 to buy this game.

23rd Nov 2003, 01:03
Lol... disable Bloom from the options menu, downlaod the Demo tweaker, disable mouse lag and play again. The demos atually quite good after you get used to the HUD etc.
Just the texts still too big.

23rd Nov 2003, 01:03

You need stop making smartassy comments. If people are fans of the original game and want to vent their anger towards the demo then let them. Nothing wrong with it.

So stop trolling.


23rd Nov 2003, 01:05
Just disregard the deus ex in the title, apply the community tweaks to the game and it isnt that bad.It will make a good budget title to waste some time on in a few months when its in the bargin bin:D

23rd Nov 2003, 02:27
all you guys are going to buy this game when it comes out and you know it ...

and buzzfunk get a clue please, buy one, rent one form a rent-a-center, hell steal one if you have to even borrow one for a few minutes ...

little mister crybaby Caliban and his ruined world hurled insult after trollish insult in his post and you think people should just leave him be??? haha ... he sounds like small minded angry little teenager who has trouble expressing himself and trouble dealing with his feelings ... quite frankly he can f*** off for all i care and so can you

23rd Nov 2003, 02:30
Here's the final box art....


23rd Nov 2003, 02:43

Nice photochop Mdent.:p

23rd Nov 2003, 03:26
all you guys are going to buy this game when it comes out and you know it ...

Actually, no. I can honestly say that if the final game is like this, no way am I spending my hard-earned money for it. Not when there's so many better things out there. If I do actually play it a bit, I'll spend a week trying to warez it rather than actually spend money and give them the impression I think it's worth more than 5 bucks.

quite frankly he can f*** off for all i care and so can you

Ever think that maybe people feel this way about you?

And no, I don't like Freddie Prinz Jr.


23rd Nov 2003, 03:36
you don't even like him just a little bit?

oh and that photoshop picture is awesome ...

23rd Nov 2003, 03:38
Originally posted by MonkeyLungs
you don't even like him just a little bit?

oh and that photoshop picture is awesome ...

Well I don't really despise him or anything, but I'm sure as hell not a fan.

23rd Nov 2003, 04:13
IMHO...It is Dx heart and soul
:) cant wait for dec 3!

23rd Nov 2003, 05:22
i was actually quite impressed w/ the demo, and i don't know what ur talkin about blurry graphics i ran it on 1600x1200 w/ no bloom and multisampling 1x and it looks amazing to me..