View Full Version : Having played the demo many times now I know its a port of the console version!

23rd Nov 2003, 00:41
Its a port without a doubt in my mind. Feels like a port in gameplay and runs like a port in performance(like halo is playable but should run better).

*bring back hit locations
*bring back the HUD from older DX:IW screenshots
*where is the leaning??
*bring back the penalties in accuracy for movement
*bring back the bigger levels (PC's are not consoles)


Very disappointed :(

23rd Nov 2003, 00:42
Thanks for the news flash, read every other f*ucking post here, this one was unessecary.

23rd Nov 2003, 00:47
Hey I had to throw in my 2 cents :) The more people that express their opinion maybe we'll see some patches(or delay to the game if possible? but I dont think thats possible) to see some really needed changes.