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23rd Nov 2003, 00:00
Well, thankfully, the big demo flame session seems to be mostly over and, now that everyone's gotten it all out of their systems, we have to ask as to what will happen next - will the devs take into account what we have just said, or will they go ahead and release the game as is?

Considering localised damage is aparently still being fine tuned (for the better, let us hope) and interface fonts can be scaled down, which seem to be the two main annoyances so far, the devs might be able to do a quick fix before the release to accomodate at least that much of our requests.

This would, most likely crash the game sales-wise as many people will still remain very unhappy with everything else (leaning, interface, ATMs etc.) and those that have been sorely disappointed today (read: those that have had more than two swear words per post) will be unlikely to ever come back to the game. Daikatana re-incarnated.

On the other hand, they might delay the game a while (maybe even until after Christmas), and take their time to balance everything, take on board all the comments that have been posted, revamp the interface, fix all the bugs, put in the leaning etc. To ensure success, they will most likely need to release another demo (one which will need to be nothing short of brilliant) that might then lure back the third or so of the potential customers they've shunned with yesterday's demo and rectify their future sales.

Now, which of the above do you think will happen? ;)

Agent D
23rd Nov 2003, 00:16
I think they'll just release it and not worry about adding stealth combat, PC specific features, or realism. :(

There's really not much else they can do at this point unless developers have a LOT more leverage than I've heard. I'm just amazed no beta testers mentioned the problems before, or that they didn't listen to them.

23rd Nov 2003, 00:21
The problem you can sometimes have with a relatively small, in-house, beta-testing team is that you can often get drawn to much into your own product after working on it/testing it after so long and eventually you start to see it the way you want to see it. I'm guessing this is why 'fresh' opinion is so radically different.

23rd Nov 2003, 00:26
i think it will get released as sheduled and with some changes (if it hasn't gone gold) or a patch if it has. most of the things many are complaining about can be fixed by simply changing the default values in the .ini file. in the end though, this game is getting incredible reviews (from people with the full game, not the demo) and is being released on two platforms, 3 weeks before christmas. it will most likely be a huge hit. the people complaining on the boards do not make up a very large share of the people who will buy it. ION may end up selling 700,000 copies instead of 702,000 but it will still be huge. and i'm willing to bet that 95% of the people saying they wont buy it now will in the end because we know the story is going to rock, as will the open ended nature of DX. i think it will be impossible to resist getting it unless someone totaly ignores every message board disscusion, review, post mortem, and article about the game.

23rd Nov 2003, 00:32
All they have to do is take out the few dx1 text references...retexture some of the models and just name it Invisible War...Then start working on dx2:D

23rd Nov 2003, 00:37
warren did say many times that this was going to be a differnt game, not just a sequel.

23rd Nov 2003, 00:41
Originally posted by dx1fan
All they have to do is take out the few dx1 text references...retexture some of the models and just name it Invisible War...Then start working on dx2:D

Lol :)

I hope you're right Tas42, and in the end it probably will depend a lot on the reviews, as well as everything else. But NamelessOne does have a good point in his thread - an awful lot of those who have downloaded the demo seem to be awfully pissed off, and I think that's going to leave a pretty deep scar no matter what. If this were not the sequel to the best game of all time, this would probably have signified its end - sales-wise at least.

23rd Nov 2003, 01:07
the demo has been downloaded a couple thousand time just off gamespy, and there might be a hundred people who a rageing, if that many. i think it all comes down to what made dx great. to me, (and i thik a majority) it was the ablility to ineract, the story, dialog, and being able to play the game how you want to. all those things (according to previewers) are back, expanded on, and better. thats why its getting such good reviews and one previewer finsish his by saying

"Kids, it’s not about the ammo being unified, or the multitool and lockpick being combined into one. It’s not about computer hacking being simplified or the inability to manually dial into keypads anymore. It’s about being immersed into a beautiful storyline with gameplay that doesn’t make you work to carry out the most simple of tasks, and having a variety of characters with their own agendas to interact with. It’s about rigging your bet at the Greasel fights by sneaking into an opponent’s house and murdering his precious animal to improve your odds. And it’s about burying an annoying spider-bot in crates and traffic cones to get it out of your way because your weapons lack enough punch to take it out without blowing through a bunch of ammo. Warren Spector’s next baby is coming, and boy is it a doozy.

i don't think, but could of course be wrong, that this game was ever about HUD's, inventory screens, and such. i think a powerfull, interactive, and open ended gameplay can overcome a poor UI, but the best UI can't overcome poor interaction, story ect.


edit: it hasn't been downloaded a couple of thousand times off gamespy, it actualy 42,069