View Full Version : DXIW mini mod ideas

22nd Nov 2003, 23:55
First of all, I loved DX 1 and im impatiently waiting for the release of DXIV. Judging from the stuff ive seen on the official site, i think there are a couple of small mods that would add enormusly to the feel of the game.

1. How about someone make a mod to put shades on Alex Denton. Its just not DX without shades.

2. How about someone make a mod where the baton is made to look like brass knuckles. This would require some punching animations. I mean, Alex is a cyborg that can jump 40 feet in the air and pickup and throw huge metal crates etc., i think he ought to be able to throw a punch now and then. (This would have been a good idea for DX 1) Adding skill points to low tech weapons would result in Denton,s fists to be lethal.

Anyone have any thoughts?


Jesus, P.I.
23rd Nov 2003, 00:01
If you can tell me how to make a mod without an SDK, then I'll get right on it.