View Full Version : Praise to the dx community

22nd Nov 2003, 22:10
I just want to thank all those involved for taking the time to make the demo more playable with the .ini file tweaks.I am sure it made the demo much more enjoyable for many others also.You people are awsome.I think eidos and ion storm should thank you all also for doing their playtesting and tweaking for them.After the changes were made I can definately say I will purchace the game,but I dont think I will buy it when it first comes out becuase IMO its still not worth $50 us.I really miss the leaning and the slick inventory system and headshots and different ammo types and the atm and security system interfaces that dx1 had.They created a great console game but if I wanted a console game I would buy a console not a pc.When it hits the $20 mark I will pick up a copy to see how the story goes(hopefully it will be ok and not consolized like the interfaces).