View Full Version : The game isn't that bad, but it has its problems

22nd Nov 2003, 22:09
Ok there are some very annoying bugs in the game, but overall I didn't find it so bad.

Ok, some very serious bugs about the game are:

No headshots ( I tried to shoot that woman with that bird pet in the head. I shot her in the head 6 times before she finally dropped)

No stealthy way to dispatch enemies (I tried to stun the first guard and he screamed so loud that the boss lady heard me and came)

Keep in mind the previous are EXTREMELY detramental to the gameplay.

The following are annoying bugs:

I can throw a chair at someone and he'll make threats. Then I go to talk to him and he's all friendly.

No leaning

Hacking is wayyyyyyy too easy.

The interface can get confusing at times.

The following are good parts of the game:

Physics are great, picking up a body and throwing it out a window or into a dumpster without it laying stiff as a board like in DX1.

Graphics are amazing.

Non linear

AI is good (although sometimes it has its problems)

So the game isn't that bad right now, but I suggest they delay the game maybe a few weeks to fix the very serious bugs, such as no headshots, and no stealthy way to dispatch enemies. I mean, how long does it take to implement headshots, and ways to beat enemies with stealth? If possible, they should try to fix the annoying bugs. But if the serious bugs are not fixed, I might consider not buying DX:IW.