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22nd Nov 2003, 18:16
Quarter to three





Just go to the front page. There are over a dozen DX:IW threads, most of which of negative.


Anyone care to enlighten us on any other discussions around the web about this ill-fated game?

22nd Nov 2003, 18:26
Mr. Gaming-Module... Your obvious glee in the criticism stemming from the demo has a certain stink to it...http://www.hecares4u.com/smiley/sigh.gif

And you call yourself a gaming module? :rolleyes:


22nd Nov 2003, 18:38


There had to be said. You havent even played the demo. I read it in another thread. So you can just shut it right now.

If you havent played it you should not be saying such things. The demo is appalling. Thats my opinion. And if you look arround. Oh look thats almost everyones opinion!

I want this game to be great as much as you. And for that reason I want the devs to look at these sites see the critisism that is the SAME from everyone and Correct the problems. And give us the great sequal that it should be!!!

And I know how unlikely that is. But I can hope can't I?

EDIT: Here is the thread I am a part of :(

22nd Nov 2003, 19:03
I'm so damn pissed, I downloaded the demo and played for five minutes before I had to watch the silly brats all day.

If that's not a tease I don't know what is.

So far(in my 5 minutes of wandering around) it looks okay, the sound is pretty good and the dialouge at least has a bit of diversity.

Plays similar to a first person adventure though, I haven't seen combat yet so we'll see.

Bio Denton
22nd Nov 2003, 19:29
Well, atleast this forum hasn't gone down to the levels of "some" other forums:

This is pretty serious business. There are people threatening death to Ion Storm and Warren Spector. I've seen comments about bombing them, going down to their offices in Austin with a rifle and bringing home something to mount on the wall.

I can't help but recall all the gaming editorials proclaiming how the X-box was going to give this wonderful, synergistic cross-platform boost to the PC games market. If this demo is that synergy realized, all I can say is **** the X-box, **** it in one of its unused game controller ports.

Was that too volatile?

22nd Nov 2003, 20:07

I could have cried after I'd played that demo, seeing what they'd done to the Deus Ex name. Since you ask, above is a forum I post at regularly.

22nd Nov 2003, 20:10
This is pretty serious business. There are people threatening death to Ion Storm and Warren Spector. I've seen comments about bombing them, going down to their offices in Austin with a rifle and bringing home something to mount on the wall.

Oh, and this sort of thing is disgraceful. Yes, they f**ked up royally with this demo, and in all likelihood the rest of the game, but people who are talking about bombs and rifles and head-mountings need a bloody good reality check, and most probably, some time in prison too. I'm sure this isn't what IS wanted people to think, they just massively misconceived what people wanted from a Deus Ex sequel and the reactions they must now be reading on all these forums is more than bad enough for them, without death threats and other ridiculous immature **** plaguing their working hours.

It's only a bloody game people, if you're offended by it, just don't buy the goddamn thing. If the full games like this, and it's likely it will be, I certainly know I won't.

22nd Nov 2003, 20:47
I agree. The death threats are out of line. But I dont think the general complaining is unwarranted. This game very much suffers from what a fellow poster on arstechnica referred to as console-itis.

As for me enjoying this negative buzz. That's false. I would have much rather enjoyed a game that actually takes strides foward from its predecessor.

It's a shame, but it's also obvious that the developers trimmed up the XBox version of this one a bit and hastilly ported it over to PC to catch the Christmas shopping season, rather than doing the right thing - spending time making a proper PC version.

This cannot be disputed in light of the controls. They feel very much like they belong on a console. Not to mention the XBox lines of code and notes in the ini file.

This will be a bigger dissapointment than the HL2 delay, mark my words.

22nd Nov 2003, 23:40
i dont think anyone here wants the game to be bad. complaining brings change. and change is needed. if we were yes-men (like apparently some people are in ion storm) this game would come out an appauling mess for the pc, any half witted reviewer would give it low marks, then it will bomb, and ion storm will be branded for pandering to the consoles.

lets get this straight. i think i speak for most when i say that we dont want this to happen!

we want this game to be good so badly we will go against the grain and say somthing instead of keeping silent.

go fine people, and bring change!

.. did i say that? :confused:

23rd Nov 2003, 00:12
In a perverse way, this negative feedback is for the Devs' own good. They don't want to be crucified by the reviewers, and we don't want the game to suck. These are compatible objectives :cool: