View Full Version : How STUPID can I be??

22nd Nov 2003, 17:44
After 2 years I decided to install my Thief Gold game to play it once more.Problem is .....I cannot use my weapon!!! I can select it but not use either bow or sword. Am I doing something wrong???I use my attack mouse button but nothing happens I only see a spinning image of the weapon at the lower right side.Pls help cause I begin to think I AM stupid!!!

22nd Nov 2003, 18:00
I am not familiar with this problem. With a fresh install it should work, of course. I don't know how to fix this, but I will tell you what I would do, which is not necessarily correct.

If you have Darkloader installed then as a first step you could revert to the original missions, deinstall Darkloader (just remove it), and reinstalll Darkloader after Thief Gold is running correctly. That could conceivably have an effect.

Then, if you have changed any audio or video components since Thief Gold was last running, make sure you have the latest sound and video drivers installed including a version of Direct X greater than or equal to 6 (which Thief 1 needs), and make sure you do this before the install, so the installer will know about hardware support. DX7 and DX8 are commonly used.

Last, I would move any Saves I wanted to keep to a safe place, deinstall Thief Gold, completely delete the install directory, and install it again.

If that does not work, report back with details of your hardware configuation including audio and video. Good luck.

28th Nov 2003, 05:25
This is a common problem when peopel begin creating FMS; the dont have all teh scripts loaded. Sounds like something got effed up durring the install, i'd manually plop the files from your game cd into your thief directory, see if that helps.