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22nd Nov 2003, 16:24
Hey there. After reading through the DX:IW character profiles on PlanetDeusEx, it got me wondering: does anyone remember about several people claiming that they could walk straight through Alex's stasis tube in Area 51? It prompted many people to start saying that perhaps the tube was a hologram, i.e. not really there, and therefore Alex easily survived whatever happened to the facility.

I was wondering how many people here had experienced this 'ghost' tube? I'm thinking that it must've just been some bug or something, because after replaying the game recently, there was nothing wrong with the stasis tube. To me, it was just as solid as the other three. :confused:

So for you guys: is your Alex tube reality or illusion? :eek:

23rd Nov 2003, 10:29
if i remember correctly there was a test tube with alex's name on it but it was empty. That would explain everything but i might be remembering wrong.

23rd Nov 2003, 12:10
No that was JC's tube that was empty (because he was standing right next to it! :p ). Alex's tube was occupied. But what I'm saying is that a lot of people claimed that they could walk straight through Alex's tube, as if it wasn't even there. This caused many to start inventing complex theories. But for me, it was just as solid as the others. So I'm wondering what it was like for other people?

24th Nov 2003, 05:32
I too experienced Alex's tube a solid as all the other tubes. I am also curious... Any theories based on the assumption that Alex was in Area 51?

24th Nov 2003, 15:22
it was not the tube that was not solid : with legs aug, you could jump IN the tube, and inside Alex was not solide.

24th Nov 2003, 16:53
Hello everybody!
As far as I can remember, Alex´s tube was solid.
But gumrucker, I don´t think that Alex was in Area 51 before. His tube was there but I think he was born in a Versa-Life building or anywhere else.
Did I understood you right?

30th Nov 2003, 02:35
use ur legs and jump onto the tube.
you will go right thru alex. he is a hologram. the other tubes you cant jump into

4th Dec 2003, 04:54
I rekon Alex was actually there, why would they have a hologram? Alex was destroyed in the explosion when JC took out Area 51, and was reborn/cloned again afterwards, by the powers that be.

My reason? I realise they used the same model for each of the clones, but I rekon he looked about 20 in the stasis tube. In DX2, Alex (talking to Billie Adams) mentions that they joined the project at fourteen.....far younger than the figure in Area 51.

The fact that Alex in Area 51 is intangible is irrelevant, its just a glitch.....a code typo if you must.

8th Dec 2003, 23:29
I just went through the room and you can walk through alex's tube and walk through alex. You can also walk through Page's clone and Simon's clone's tubes, but their bodies are solid. It's probably just a bug though, and doesn't mean anything.

The Platinum Shadow
15th Dec 2003, 21:26

Red Greasel Hunter
17th Dec 2003, 04:00
Originally posted by Sr60308
use ur legs and jump onto the tube.
you will go right thru alex. he is a hologram. the other tubes you cant jump into

r u rite? i knt tel wit u spelin!

17th Dec 2003, 16:19
wow. nice. I hope one day I can write like that.

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