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22nd Nov 2003, 15:27
Am I the only one to care about the lack of conversation logs in the game? So far, in all the forums I've seen, it has never been mentionned.

In a game when conversations are so important, if for some reason my attention turns to anything else than the game for a few seconds - who plays a game locked up in a closet? - I completely lose track. When playing DX1, if I got a phone call while talking to someone in game, I would just forget about that and get on the phone, knowing I will read again everything I missed in the log. That was so useful. I rarely listened to my info-link when I was involved in combat. I just read it when it was over.

What makes the lack of conversation logs worse in DX:IW is the size of the font. It is so unnecessarily big that you cannot catch up to what you might have missed when being talked through your info-link. I don't like it.

22nd Nov 2003, 16:14
I too was disappointed by an absence of conversation logs. Must've spent about five minutes trying to find one. :p

I personally have no problems with the font as many others seem to have. But you're right - I miss my convo. log. :(