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22nd Nov 2003, 14:23
I'm surprised about the way the the demo has been received. I thought the only real problem was the lack of localised body damage (no one-shot kills, this really needs to be sorted). Other than that the game looks great.
I think the map was a bit small, but you can't expect more from a demo.
Overall I think this is the best game since DX1, though not better than DX1. Although it hasn't lived up to some people's expectations as the ultimate game, it's the best I've seen in years. And I don't think HL2 is going to be any better.

PS: Devs, PLEASE bring back localised body damage!!!!!

22nd Nov 2003, 14:42
But not in a form it was in DX. A combination of a generic health bar and health counters for bodyparts would be nice. A fact that you could lose 500+ hits and still live wasn't very realistic. I'd rather go for a realistic generic damage than for an unrealistic localized body damage system.

22nd Nov 2003, 16:31
I think DXIW will be well received by most people. I've been playing the demo more and it's really growing on me. I'm looking forward to this game more than ever now. It rocks!
I think the reason people on these forums don't like it is because they wanted more of the same. Afterall, if the game was crap how the hell did it get such superb reviews?

22nd Nov 2003, 16:42
I think that the demo does not show enough to make a concrete decision, but I enjoyed it quite a lot. The main disappointment for me was the TV. When I shot it with my pistol I was expecting the screen to smash, or at least have a bullet hole. But it just disintegrates. I also wanted to smash beer bottles on the wall.
I guess that lots of people were expecting the physics to be amazing - a bit like what HL2 claims to be - but instead it is just 'quite good'. As for locational damage/headshots, most of those guards are wearing helmets so I dont care at all that they dont die in 1 shot. I agree though that in some cases it can be disappointingly unrealistic.