View Full Version : As fun as it was

22nd Nov 2003, 12:57
I thought the demo was fun, but after playing it some more, i just think theres gotta be a problem with it, like something they were gonna fix but forgot.

And i mean the hit detection and mostly the damage the hits do, i think they had it turned up for testing purposes and failed to turn it down before releasing the demo.

Because i went and grabed teh dart gun, or poison gun whatever it is(Bolt caster). and even that doesnt kill in one hit, i shot that gaurd from the length of the whole ouside area, (in teh neck) and he chased after me going " ah ow ah ah" etc and i shot him a second time and he ran around some more droped his gun ran some more than fell over.

Now it just feals wrong, not wrong like what they were thinking but wrong like ist an accident?

22nd Nov 2003, 13:28
That MIGHT have something to do with the difficulty level, but I noticed that myself. I AM a bit non-plused that there isn't a lethal setting for the boltcaster, but thats perhaps a bit of the die-hard original DI side sticking to it. But it DOES seem to need about 2-3 shots to work, or perhaps the location DOES count. Hard to know.

My only REAL gripe with the demo is the stealth weapons. The stun prod and boltcaster were my weapons of choice in the first DI, and they seem to have been toned down a bit much. I'm more than sure a bit of tinkering could fix this, though.

On the plus side, Warren seems to have taken some tips from the folks working on Thief3! ACTUAL stealth tactics seem to work, where violence isn't needed. Perhaps rather than rely on my weapons, for IW perhaps I just need to change my tactics. :)

And the lack of conversational logs. And non-technical detailed biomod. I miss my sci-fi. ;_; But that doesn't make it a bad game...just less specific.