View Full Version : Hey! I got rid of that sesame street font!

22nd Nov 2003, 11:13
Sorry. I dont have a place to host a pic, but I did it i swear. Well, it worked on most of the fonts anyway. Teh stupid HUDHELP font wont change. But oh well.

BTW, I also found some interesting info on holstering weapons and HEADSHOTS!!

Looky Here (page6) (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=293727#post293727)

22nd Nov 2003, 12:03
sure, but u wont mind telling us HOW?

22nd Nov 2003, 12:29
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please elaborate

22nd Nov 2003, 22:21
Well according to that list of codes, they left the size of the font in the demo that was for the console...in addition to letting the slip get through to the demo for headshot values per Dr. L. but said headshot thing was done right for the game in PC version. Whether they adjust font size is anyones guess but for the demo you would have to go in there and tweak yourself. The same thing goes for the key binds reverting back to default when changing areas/levels by going into "My Documents" folder for the games user.ini file and changing the "read" only tag so it will keep your bindings. Same thing for mouse speed some ppl have complained about...change it in the .ini file but not sure if that's in the same one? Those are a few things I've picked up from these forums...but I must also say that I'm not very happy about many of these adjustments they've made to the new one and not sure myself now if I will get it or not :( Oh yea, another adjustment you can make regarding the HUD size on screen...they also left the sizing for the console version in the demo as well, per the coding and forgot to make the change of values for the PC :( which again you can go into one of the files and make it wider to fit more to the edges of your monitor. Found some of this info on IS's forum as well if you want to check it out more. Ta and Good Hunting!

EDIT: http://www.ionstorm.com/forum/viewthread.asp?forum=AMB_AP619612110&id=34880

This is a thread with some tweaks the guys over IoS's site have been working on to make some good changes for the demo. They are still trying to find more things to edit but this is a good start for those that want to give it a shot :)