View Full Version : im scared ...

22nd Nov 2003, 10:59
im now scared about

Dark Projekt 3 :confused:

22nd Nov 2003, 11:13
Oh dont even

22nd Nov 2003, 11:49
Surely they can't. I mean the whole beauty of the series was its attention to detail. That seriously worries me.

Like DX1, those games were truly something special. Works of art if you will in this sitcom world of ten a penny shooters.

Agent D
22nd Nov 2003, 12:21
Oh, don't worry. They've streamlined it for a wider audience.

Now you shoot someone 4 times in the head with a bow to kill them, and if you run out of arrows, you can't use your blackjack anymore. Also, there will be no leaning, and you can't walk slower than 6mph. :cool: