View Full Version : How come drinking beer....

22nd Nov 2003, 08:33
doesnt havethe disorientation affect from the first game, now it just takes away health it GAVE u health before!

22nd Nov 2003, 09:08
Probably to show that drinking is bad mmkay, now that it's for the xbox it has to try to show morals to youngsters or some such crap. As for no disorientation, lame.

22nd Nov 2003, 09:26
"Mmkay" is not a word. Go learn how to spell, or get out.

As for the beer effect, that's so stupid. It discourages people from drinking the beer in the game. I loved being drunk. If it's going to screw my health, I'll just say forget it. As for the youngsters, screw youngsters. Youngsters can kiss my big hairy ass. They should be playing gameboy or something. They should be playing mario kart, or something equally as childish.

As for the beer not doing anything, I find that stupid also. If I had 35 beers, and drank each one, I would probably be just a liiitttle bit off my normal self, don't you think?

22nd Nov 2003, 10:32
Viking, get off your high horse.. no one likes a spelling Nazi.

Anyway, I remember how the alcohol in the first game made the screen a bit woozy looking. It was also annoying, hehe.

I would just stick to the soy packets and other foods for health if your health gest too low.