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22nd Nov 2003, 05:54
Hi all me again

ok those who want to stay with ati i have read over 40 or so diff reviews on cards and specs on diff Ati Card, if you are going to buy a card to play games like deus ex 2, doom 3,silent hill 3,half life 2, vampire bloodlines, and most high end games out there you will need a pretty up to date card or else you will be in the same mess if you can't get the game to work,


ATi radeon 8500 is the first of the ati cards to have vortext/pixal shudders, version 1.1, BUT TUST ME DON'T get it becuse its to old now, they are at 3.0 on the newest ATi cards.

after looking at many cards one came out as a REALLY nice card for a good price the ATI radeon 9600xt better then the 9600 pro and has shaders 2.0. its 249.00 CDN but WILL play all the new games!

so there it is, my hands hurt from typing so I will stop make up your mind me im a hard gamer so guess i have to go with the high end, wellll almost high end can't get the $700 doller one without selling a kidney, AND they WOULD buy it on ebay!

SO BUy the radeon 9600xt its a good buy, those loyal to NVIDIA don't have to look at it I know you like your cards just like im with ati so you don't have to listen ;p

anway its up to you thanks all


loyal deus ex fan to the end

22nd Nov 2003, 05:59
I thought the 8500 supported 1.1-1.4 pixel shaders, er uh...shudders. :D

22nd Nov 2003, 06:06
sorry i just say that im drunk and tired can you blame me lol, no when i talked to ati they said that they have 1.1 on there 8500 cards, but i havn't even seen them for sale 8500s now....

22nd Nov 2003, 10:42
Which card manufacturer would you recommend.

I was looking at the 9600 pro.

But which manufacturer is the best.

All in wonder
Lots of others

I dont know whos to get

22nd Nov 2003, 11:01
Is there any indication that other chipsets which meet the requirements will eventually be able to play the game?

22nd Nov 2003, 19:49
NOOO get the 9600 xt not pro you will know why when u see the specs XT is better, saphire is a sister company to ati they make same products with same types of cards, ATI says on box BUILT BY ATI and saphire is POWERED by ati thats it.

22nd Nov 2003, 20:50
the radeon 8500 has been discontnued...however the radeon 9100 is the exact same thing as the 8500...the 9000 and 9200 are the exact same card...the only difference is that the 9200 has 8x agp support (which means nothing)...both are actually slower than the 9100...it's confusing at first but if you had a 9000, 9100, and 9200...the 9100 is the best out of all of them...the xt is a little faster than the pro...but it isn't a huge difference or anything...plus there's also a voucher that comes with the xt for a full version of half-life 2 when it comes out...

Sapphire is probably ati's leading third party board maker and should be a solid pick...however stay away from cards that have "SE, Lite, or EZ" since those are severely underpowered cards...when you see "all in wonder" that's ati's jack of all trades card...meaning it can do some neat things like record video from tv and do a lot of other multimedia functions...things that you generally wouldn't expect to do really...hence the name...anyways if anyone is wondering what cards can and can't play the game then I made a small list of the cards that are supported...

here's a list of cards that can play the game...starting with ati
Radeon 8500
Radeon 9000
Radeon 9100
Radeon 9200
Radeon 9500
Radeon 9600
Radeon 9700
Radeon 9800

here's nvidia
geforce 3 ti200
geforce 3
geforce 3 ti500
geforce 4 ti4200
geforce 4 ti4400
geforce 4 ti4600
geforce fx5200
geforce fx5600
geforce fx5700
geforce fx5800
geforce fx5900
geforce fx5950

the geforce 4 mx cards can not play the game...they are actually just a little faster geforce 2 cards...misleading I know...

there are other obscure cards such as the sis xabre cards and matrox parhelia card along with the trident xp4 but I'm not sure if the game supports them...those cards I'd imagine could play the game since they do have pixel shaders...however how fast or if there's any visual artifacts is unknown...definately stay away from these cards as the drivers are poor and not to mention the performance just isn't good...

if I had to pick a budget card that's around $150...I'd go with the Radeon 9600 Pro...if you have $100 more then go with a radeon 9800 (non pro...not se version or anything either) there's a huge difference between the 9600 and a 9800...if you only have $80 or so then I'd get a geforce 4 ti4200...the 9100 is also in that price range and should offer about the same performance than a ti4200...both cards are a little old but they're still a decent card...I'd stay away from a fx 5200 and fx5600...the fx5600 isn't too bad of a card but the 9600 pro would be a better buy...and the fx5200...while it does have direct x 9 support...it's too slow to run any direct x 9 game at a decent amount of details and resolution...if you're planning on buying a card then definately buy from www.newegg.com as they are a great company with awesome prices...