View Full Version : DX:IW crashes and crashes

22nd Nov 2003, 05:47
Hey all. I was eager to try this game out and it just doesn't work.
Here's my computer:
P4 1.8A
Radeon 8500 128MB w/ Cat 3.9
Asus P4S533 (SiS 645DX)
512MB of CAS2 PC2700 RAM
Vortex 2 soundcard
Windows 2000 SP4

When running the game on a non-admin user, the game just sticks to a black screen and does nothing. When launching the game as an administrator (which is seems to require, how lame), the game will start to load the level and then I get an error that a "breakpoint has been reached." At which point the game just sits there still at the load screen doing nothing.

Sugguestions anyone? It seems hosed pretty bad :( Thanks!