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22nd Nov 2003, 04:11
Though pretty short, I quite enjoyed the demo.
Just a few things, change these and I think the game would be really good, nearly up there with Deus Ex (nothing, ever, will be better than Deus Ex).

- Ok, this REALLY pisses me off. THE EYES!! All the NPCs have these HUGE BULGING eyes that look EXTREMELY unnatural. Everyone who doesn’t have their eyes covered by shades or something looks like **** (eg male thug, Goth<- UGH),
Order Seeker model I think is excellent. Close their eyes a bit.

- Alex Denton’s face during conversations. Just looks wrong.

- Long pauses between each line said in a conversation between NPCs.

- Slow, slow, slow engine. More things need to be done on the CPU, I have a 3.4Ghz Pentium 4 and I expect the game to run a lot faster. I have a Geforce 3 ... but come on…

- Smaller, crispier text please!!

- The inventory needs to be changed a bit - I want to be able to drag and drop things. I DONT want to press on something, click enter, and whatever just to equip it. I want to do everything with the mouse, I don’t want to press TAB to add weapon mods, and then press ESC then TAB just to drop the thing. I want to be able to drag and drop mods onto the weapon, Drop the weapon with one press of a button (TAB), etc. I found this new HUD a lot harder to use, with the old one I could do things without even thinking about it (maybe that’s because I’ve played the game 17 times :P). Plus, 2 more belt slots would be extremely useful.

- Bring back location damage. Stealth play is impossible without it.
And the stun prod takes too long

- Other minor things, like the body physics. They always seem to have their hands stuck in the ground or in their ass. And when you pick up bodies, they seem to 'float' there.

Things I like:

-Dynamic Lighting is very nice. I like the graphics too (the game looks VERY nice with FSAA on but its very very slow , and im running on 640x400)

-I like the combat, except the stealth sucks. And we need location damage on enemies (would be nice on yourself too)

- Those cool little spider bots!!!!! Love em!

- Everything else, yes, even the mulitool. I used to hate it in the videos, but it aint so bad. Though I do think it should be a bit quieter, and not as bright. Oh well.

Really, Ion Storm, You’ve got a very nice game with some large flaws. Fix them


Jesus, P.I.
22nd Nov 2003, 04:17
I like your attitude, Woggy.

If you read around, you will find that I have been very outspoken against what I think is desecration of what made Deus Ex a great game. You point out pretty much the same things, but view them as flaws of a potentially great game.

I wish that I could see it the same way, but you may underestimate the extent of the overhaul that would be needed to fix these problems. I am not holding out hopes that the developers will do this (not that I have given up).

Alas, I am just not as optimistic as you, but we still share a common desire and goal, so you should also petition for a release date delay. That is our best hope in making Ion Storm do some serious cleanup work.

Keep fighting the good fight, brother!

The Glome
22nd Nov 2003, 04:38

A week ago we were going crazy waiting for the game and now we want it to be delayed. How quickly attitudes can change from one little 10 minute demo.

22nd Nov 2003, 05:47
The 3 biggest problems in the game are:
1. Interface
2. Stealth Combat
3. Mouse

1) Make the text smaller. This way youll be able to fit more things on the screen. Make small buttons like 'Equip'/'Unequip' and 'Drop'. Remove the 'Press tab to add weapon mods', and add the ability to drag and drop. Give more belt slots. Change the interface design a bit so we can have the same amount of information on each item like we did in the first Deus Ex (make a square pop up that overlaps spme things or whatever) If you ask me, this whole 'eye ball' thing is a peice of ****, and if possible, just completely remove the thing or add an option for a different, more square and practical easy to use HUD.

2) Add location damage. Change the bloody prod, and make it 2 seconds instead of the 10 or whatever seconds. Keep the arcs, because in the old Deus Ex you could prod someone and no one in the room would notice. Minimize the victims moaning, and instead make em go " Uhargh --- uhh.... (softly)" or something.
Bring back the aiming thing! You know that cross hair in deus ex that closes in when you stay still. Theres just no point in crouching anymore while shooting. The whole stealth gameplays been thrown out the window!

3) I dont know WTF is wrong here, just make sure you fix it.

Jesus, P.I.
22nd Nov 2003, 05:48
Originally posted by The Glome

A week ago we were going crazy waiting for the game and now we want it to be delayed. How quickly attitudes can change from one little 10 minute demo.

Hey man, I spent several hours on the demo. I don't just make snap decisions based on ten minutes of gameplay.

Merces Letifer
22nd Nov 2003, 06:13
I'm with Christ on this one. The first demo wasn't so hot, and the game exceded all expectations. Perhaps you guys didn't spend enough time playing the demo, and you don't quite realize its depth yet. This level seems more open-ended to me than most of the original DX's levels.

Let me share an incredible moment with you. I stabbed the gate guard to death, put his body in the dumpster. I stunned the guy in the upstairs hallway into submission, then cut his throat and put it into another dumpster. I went down to the ground floor security terminal and used the turret to mow down both guards on the helipad.

Here's the great part. I crouched down, went out into the helipad, and retrieved four barrels. I stacked them in front of the office door. The first horizontal, the next three on end in a triangle shape. Then I grabbed the nerve gas tank from the helipad and crawled over to the mark's window (I don't remember her name).
I popped up and stood in view long enough for the guard with the shottie to bust the window, setting off an alarm. I ducked back down. They ran to the door and tried to get out, but the barrels prevented them from opening it. They stood there dumbfounded. The mark commented, "I've been in worse situations." Yeah. Right.

I toss a flash nade in and stun them both. While they rub their eyes and scream, I heave the nerve gas tank into the room. I pull out my Mako pistol and shot it about five times. It explodes, filling the room with nerve gas and killing them both. Once the cloud was gone, I remove the barrels and cheerfully retrieve my new shotgun and SMG.

Anyone else have cool stories that they'd like to share?

The Glome
22nd Nov 2003, 06:15
Sorry about that Jesus P.I. That was little more than a hasty assumption on my part. I apologize.

Jesus, P.I.
22nd Nov 2003, 06:18
Originally posted by Merces Letifer
Anyone else have cool stories that they'd like to share?

Well, suffice it to say that the first hour or so of my "several hours" with the demo was spent desecrating the first guard's body with flame, knife, pistol, barrel, dumpster, and box. I had never experienced such physics (I haven't played Max Payne 2), so I had to experiment a bit.

I think what you are saying is what many of us are saying, that this demo shows some real potential, if only some glaring issues can be hammered out. That is why so many of us are clamoring for a delay to give Ion Storm some time to get it together.