View Full Version : Crash on install?

22nd Nov 2003, 02:43
I posted this in the tech thread however most people posting there can run the game but have game play issues.
There are a few of us that can't even load the game dispite the fact we meet or exceed minimum specs. I am wondering how many of us that can't even install the game have WinXp or WinXp Pro?
Heres the exact error:

Setup has experienced an error

Please do the following:
- close any running programs
- Empty your temporary folder
- Check your Internet connection (Internet-based Setups)

Then try to reun Setup again.

Error code: -6002" or the code can be -6003

My Specs
WinXP Pro
AMD XP 2100/266
Abit AT7-MAX2
DDR 2100 1 gig
Radeon 9600 agp 128meg
DirectX 9.1 I do beleive
SB Live

23rd Nov 2003, 17:15
I had the same problem but managed to install it from safe mode logged in as the administator.

23rd Nov 2003, 17:53
my first dl of the demo was corrupt...I forget the exact error i got but it sounds kind of similar...i finaly dl/ed the demo( dial up...errr) and it installed fine....running XP home..