View Full Version : Does any like the first Tomb Raider game better the the 2nd one?

22nd Nov 2003, 01:12
Does any like the first Tomb Raider game better the the 2nd one?

Chris-Craig Michaels
23rd Nov 2003, 03:33
I like Tomb Raider 1 because of several factors: for one, it is simplicity itself, therefor it has one of the most involving storylines and easy control systems. Yet it also has a sence or "anceint" things being looked at for the first time, like the feeling you get when you enter the Lost valley, as if you are the first one there in over a thousand years, or when you first get to the high chamber in St. Francis's Folly. The first time I played TR 1, it did not make a big impression on me untill just after the Egypt levels, with the FMV with the motorbike etc. But as I have replayed the game, I have fallen in love with the earlier levels as well, especially the Tomb of Tihocan and the double battle with the centaurs and Pierre. I also liked the sense of being completley alone: no other humans around, except the occasional member of Natla's gang.
Tomb Raider II, I have to admit, has a more movie-like storyline, which is fun too. I loved the crash of the jet plane in the Tibetan Foothills. Lara must have been really scared because of her earlier experience in a plane crash in snowy mountains. Anyway, TR 2 seemed in many ways to be more modern: most of the game was centered around cities or the Maria Doria, which were cool, but not my particular preference. There were also lots of human enemies, which was OK, but I like just having animals or monsters to contend with, although an occasional human thrown in for a challenge is cool.
Anyway, I did like TR1 more than TR2, but I really enjoy both of them.

23rd Nov 2003, 20:58
I like Tomb 1 better than the other 5............. sequils never seem to live up to the original. I miss the exhilleration I got from exploring The City of Vilcabamba, Lost Worlds, The Colosseum, Palace Midas, etc .......... In the later games roaming around in modern cities such as Italy, London, France, anywhere doesn't do it for me. **** Edios - Please go back and redue & enhance Tomb 1 ****. In the interim - does anyone know of someone doing this with TR4 Level Editor? rgds, AstroMike

23rd Nov 2003, 22:29
I like Tomb Raider 1 because, like you guys say it was better then the other 5. Has anyone beaten TRC?

24th Nov 2003, 15:41
I never was able to play TR1. I started with TR3, and my computer would not run TR1 by the time I got a copy. Of the ones I played, I think I liked TR2 the best, closely followed by TR4. Chronicles just plain sucked, in my opinion. Yes, I finished it, but didn't really enjoy it. I think I bought it more for the level editor than any other reason.

27th Nov 2003, 17:56
Sorry folks but I liked TR II better because I first played TR II before TR I. And I care for the graphics, action and closeness to reality (which TR II had)

28th Nov 2003, 22:28
I voted for TR1, but I think both are equally wonderful. Visiting Atlantis, fighting a gigantic dragon, it's all good!:cool:

By the way, shouldn't this go in the TR Legacy forum?

4th Dec 2003, 16:04
I've always liked the first Tomb Raider game better. I just liked exploring the tombs and caves. To me that is what it is all about.

4th Dec 2003, 23:50
I voted for TR I... now. Especially, because I'm replaying it at high resolutions by using the GLIDos version :cool:

But my favorite is still TR3.