View Full Version : "DX:IW feels like MOO3" or "Who isn't buying DX:IW now?"

22nd Nov 2003, 00:19
Clunky, unintuitive interface. Check.

Oversimplified/automated gameplay. Check.

A step back in terms of presentation. Check.

What is the deal with past franchises getting lackluster sequels? MOO3 (MOO1, 2), Civ 3 (Civ 1, 2), UFO Aftermath (X-Com UFO Defense), Lionheart (Fallout 1, 2) and tons of other sequels, official or spiritual, are just totally missing the point and flopping.

I dont know about the rest of you, but this demo just saved me $250 this holiday season, as I was originally placing this game and a 9600XT at the top of my list.

There's no way I'm buying this game with the dumbed down gameplay (locational damage gone, unified ammo, simplified lockpicking, leaning, etc).

No way.

22nd Nov 2003, 00:32
I personally think we should have a pole:

After playing the demo are you now buying deus ex 2 IW?

22nd Nov 2003, 00:33
i dont think im going to buy it unless there is a patch with significant changes or a mod that fixes all the BS.

22nd Nov 2003, 00:33
After a few playthroughs, I can cope with a lot of the mistakes. I'll pray for a patch to fix the suck.

But damn, now I'm kicking myself for preordering yesterday :(

22nd Nov 2003, 00:56
I know a little about game development... and what I do know tells me that fixing the interface problems would be easy, fixing the gameplay problems would take months (With certain exceptions such as location based damage which may or may not be easy based upon how they have the current system designed).

I just don't think there is any coming back for this game from this state.

22nd Nov 2003, 01:23
Yeah, the interface could be saved...I doubt that they will do that tho.

No patch on this planet will be able to 'fix' this pile. They would need to redesign the whole game.

22nd Nov 2003, 01:47
I had such high hopes for this game... but its a console game put onto the PC. I was soo annoyed that it was coming out in the states 4 months before it came out in Europe. I was going to order it from the states, but after the demo..... :confused:

Im not getting it from the US, but I will get it from my local store when it comes out. If its really that bad Ill give it back (they have a 10 day money back policy). I think that it still has a little chance to be a enjoyable game once you get used to the interface and get past the other probs ... but its nothing compared to Deus Ex. I think that they should strip the Deus Ex from the name... should be just called "Invisable War - Future War on Terror".