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22nd Nov 2003, 00:12
I can't get demo yet as I have to wait for machine to get back from shop still :(

However reading the min. specs (which I would have to fall into more or less) I see that you are saying DX9 is required? All this time I've been reading that the game is using DX8.1 drivers which would include my ATI 8500LE 128mg card. So which way is it? Can I use what I have? Also now I'm concerned about CPU as I thought what I have would play the game alright (it's a Duron 1.2g) but I don't mean play so that it's almost unplayable. I really can't afford to get another system which would have to be a new MB as well. Another concern I have also now is my sound card and DX9 compat? I use the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz and I'm not going to be able to upgrade to DX9 drivers since they are no longer doing anything for these cards, etc.

So where do I stand as far as my machine being able to handle reasonably well this demo/game? I would appreciate your reply in this regard. Thank you :)

Ta and Good Hunting!

22nd Nov 2003, 01:56
Hey, the game is DX 8.1 optimised, says so in the readme. Not sure bout your graphics card, look up the minimum specs, I dont remember the ATI cards (Nvidia man). And the game run very smoothly at 1.1Ghz and 256 RAM. (800x600 res)

So it should work on your computer :)

Grey Mouser
22nd Nov 2003, 02:04
What he said. :)

Game requires DirectX 8.1 compatibility (although certain DirectX 9 cards will _not_ play it without DirectX 9+ installed), and my own brief testing (been mainly using GeForce 5900 Ultra) with the Radeon 8500 shows it runs fine.

22nd Nov 2003, 02:31
Thanks to both of you (especially the Mouse :) ) for the reply! But now I'm really getting more concerned about the game (aka the demo) and the gameplay :( I've been reading some of the threads while waiting around and I gotta tell ya...it ain't sounding too good :( I won't go into all the reasons here as that wasn't the purpose of this post.

I feel however, that some of the features that I really liked about playing DE 1 (and Thief games) made a big difference as to "how" it could be played utilizing the keyboard/actions/movements etc. and many other options that were available in the gameplay...

I shall get the demo eventually before I make my final judgement about buying the game but I have a feeling my expectations might be in for a let-down? Ta and Good Hunting!