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21st Nov 2003, 19:56
I can't get the demo to run :( . It crashes immediately upon startup. In the taskbar, I see something about a Viktoria error, and some combination of the Esc key and Alt-F4 will eventually cause an email to be generated (No to: specified) with a stack dump and something about an access error.

Can someone help?

(BTW, have mercy on me. My system is only a lowly P3-700, so it's not up to the spec. But it has plenty of RAM (512MB) and a GF2, so I would like to at least run the demo, even slowly :) ).

I'm going to look for a "safe-mode" option-- I believe Unreal supports that.


21st Nov 2003, 20:04
If it's not up to spec, it won't run. Read the specs -- it specifically says it won't run unless you have a high-end video card.

Sorry. You need a new computer.

21st Nov 2003, 20:17
It happens to me, I knew it wouldnt work since I've got a Geforce 4 mx.
It looks like I'm off to buy a new video card tomorow. It better be worth it :p

21st Nov 2003, 20:21
I'm fairly positive it's the graphics card. Requires a geforce3 or higher, or a ati 8500 or higher. I have the same problem because my comp has a geforce4 mx. which is the demon spawn of satan and nvidia are bastards to call it a geforce4. it's not. it's not even a 3. should've just called it geforce mx and been done with it. I didn't think it would work but I tried the demo just to make sure it wouldn't run. I'm gonna try to get an ati 9600 pro for my machine, but I wanna weasel be cheap and let my parents get it for me for christmas...and god I don't want to wait till christmas for this game. Maybe they'll reimburse me. Meh. Anyway, update your card. You could go bare minimum and find a card that will run it for under 100 bucks. I haven't looked around that much, but I'm going for the better card with the most moderate price tag so i'll be up to date when the bare minimums become out of date. What bothers me is, is this gonna end up just being an Xbox port, or is this a PC game. Because for the same price as the new card I could just buy an Xbox, which I don't want to do, but are PC games just gonna end up becoming Xbox ports now and it's not worth bothering to update my comp anymore? And that whole thing comes from the feedback I've been hearing on the PC version of Knights of the Old Republic, which I expected to be fantastic, I assumed that the two games were being developed equally for PC and Xbox from teh get go and there wasn't preferential treatment. I haven't played it yet so my opinion is based simply on the reactions of some who have played it, but it definitely sounds like it's a straight up Xbox title, and the PC version was a second thought, and thus a shoddy port. Which is what scared me with DX:IW. I can only assume the console market is bigger and so developers like Ion Storm and Bioware are ignoring the PC's more so they can focus on the bigger profit base of the consoles. I hope I'm wrong. I desperately hope I'm wrong, I mean sure, as a kid I started out with a NES and was a console person up until Mechwarrior 2 and Diablo. But Bioware and Ion Storm really owe their previous success to the the computer gamers (and of course the fact that they produced great games but it's still the comp gamers that bought them and who are now loyal to them), and if they're abandoning them for the consoles then it's just insulting and feels like a betrayal. Um...sorry I'm off topic.

21st Nov 2003, 20:37
My bad. I didn't read the readme well.

It specifically says that GF3 is the minimum and that MX cards are not supported.


BTW, on the console vs. PC thing, can you really stand to play an FPS without a mouse? I tried Halo and Wolfenstein on the XBOX the other day and it was terrible. Plus the multiplayer servers seem to have 4 players or less, not the 16-32 that are frequent for PC Multi.

21st Nov 2003, 20:42
Won't run on my GF4 MX460
I knew it wouldn't, but had to be sure.

Maybe there should be a thread where people could report what they have and haven't been able to run it on.

Ordered a Hercules Radeon 9700 pro today.
Probably have to wait till monday or teusday before it arrives though. Can't wait.

Going to have to stay away from here over the weekend, there are bound to be spoilers all over the place

Have fun you lucky bastards

21st Nov 2003, 20:46
there's going to be a gigantic difference between the 9700 pro and mx460...

21st Nov 2003, 20:49
I need to find a place that sells good cards by mine, I really dont want to order off the net and have to wait :p