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21st Nov 2003, 19:40
ok pple can u tell me what torrel is doing in there, i realy don't get it. what is he doing back in time?
and how did he get there

21st Nov 2003, 20:11
Alright here is the official answer.

Q: How did Turel come to be in Avernus?

A: This was left deliberately vague so that a future game could cover it if desired. The implication based on the story of Blood Omen is that the circle used their dimensional- and time-traveling powers to bring him to them. Amy says that casting him as Hash wasn’t a recent decision, but was made shortly after he was cut from Soul Reaver.

Q: There has been speculation in the past that both Lady Azimuth and Moebius were devout followers of Hash’ak’gik. Would it be safe to say that this is indeed the case? Azimuth alone wouldn't be able to summon Hash, but could with Moebius' help.

A: Azimuth and Mortanius served the Hylden, who they knew as “Hash’ak’gik” They were seduced away from their service of the Pillars by the power they unearthed beneath Avernus.

Alright now here is my answer to that question.

How did Turel arrive in Defiance?

Turel was likely brought to the timeline of Blood Omen 1 by Azimuth (According to Ariel in Blood Omen 1: "Well done, you have found Moebius' toy. Azimuth, not content with summoning demonic thralls, stole the Time Streaming Device in order to gather creatures from other ages as well.") Turel says that he was called, and Amy Hennig said that Azimuth and Mortanius were worshippers of the Hylden. Thus like Mortanius Azimuth may have been possessed by the Hylden or merely a pawn who brought Turel to her time as a powerful vessel for her masters using the Time Streaming Device.