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21st Nov 2003, 14:00
So... while we are waiting, can anyone recommend any good elevator music to sooth the senses? I'm am currently listening to the sound-track of Syndicate Wars, which I dont think is enhancing my calm one bit.


21st Nov 2003, 14:04
maybe DX1 soundtrack?

21st Nov 2003, 14:05
I dont seem to have the disc anymore. :-(

21st Nov 2003, 14:06
Here's a few free tracks: ClassicalPlus (http://classicalplus.gmn.com/artists/artist.asp?id=2214)

21st Nov 2003, 14:09
And here's some more: Angel Heart and Company (http://www.angelheartandcompany.com/RobinMiller.shtml). Lots of Mp3s.

21st Nov 2003, 14:25
Aah, this is nice. My ISP provides a stream of ambient music.

21st Nov 2003, 14:28
Artist: Röyksopp Title: Sparks
Artist: nightmares on wax - Title: les nuits
Artist: goldfrapp
Artist: kinobe - Title: slip into something comfortable

Most of Zero7's tracks are relaxing.

Also you can try Thievery Corporation

21st Nov 2003, 14:39
Excellent... I wasn't actually expecting to get any decent tunes out of this thread. This'll pass the time waiting for the demo.

21st Nov 2003, 14:55
Try the paris music in Deus Ex 1.

I think u can still download it in the old site.


21st Nov 2003, 15:17
Then there's the Dr Demento 20th Anniversary (http://community-2.webtv.net/MUSIC_SITE/DRD20/) album ... I especially like the Dead Puppies track.

21st Nov 2003, 15:42
Most of Zero7's tracks are relaxing. Yes, I agree. Check out tracks from their album "Simple Things".

21st Nov 2003, 15:42
Damn... the links for the DE1 music are there but they are all dead. :(

Anyone have a link for this "Zero7"?

21st Nov 2003, 16:39
I reccomend the Mortal Kombat soundtrack. If you're sleepy after your long might, it'll wak you right up. It's pretty good music too, although it doesn't really relax you.

21st Nov 2003, 16:45
Anything by Jimmy Buffett. :)

21st Nov 2003, 16:48
Originally posted by Psychotext
Damn... the links for the DE1 music are there but they are all dead. :(

Anyone have a link for this "Zero7"? Well Zero 7 is a "signed" band... Luckily they have some tracks on their site 07 (http://www.zero7.co.uk/music.html)