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21st Nov 2003, 10:57
Below is spoilders for AOD folks, consider yourselves warned.

Okay, I for one hated the idea of Kurtis (the generic 'Lara is mine!' thinking pattern, of course...) and was busily fantasizing about a well placed 45mm to the chest for him (read: Lara shooting at the figure in the corner at the cafe until her guns run out of ammo, running around to find more, then shooting them out again...) However, the charming 'disarming' scene at the louvre unfortunately had me hooked.
I'm a female, and he's cheeky. It's a marketing match made in heaven.

Suggestion #1:
I was VERY annoyed at how heavily he handles in AOD. It takes just over a second for him to respond and that delay can be COSTLY, especially with the bosses. However, this isn't just Kurtis' problem (don't lose an ounce!), as Lara handles sluggishly sometimes too. I appreciate the walk-to-jog realism in normal circumstances, but not when being tailed by baddies. This is my #1 irk about gameplay and what I most want fixed about TR7.

Suggestion #2:
Replace those GODAWFUL in-game sounds for him! The grunting and the groaning are NOTHING like his talking voice and are brutish and a major turn off. Lara's got the slightly sexual groaning happening (monkey swinging and surfacing from the water have never been so fun...) and Kurtis needs it too. You want the chicks to keep playing, you get those half-sexual groans happening for Kurtis.

Suggestion #3:
Do something about that rear. In AOD, Lara's rear is infinately watchable. Kurtis needs a marketable backside, too. Okay, okay... I know men aren't shaped like women (unfortunately... ;) ) but make him ogglable. Even working on his waist-to-shoulders might do it.

Suggestion #4:
Give him some signature moves. No one likes a copycat, and Kurtis comes out as a poor carbon compared to Lara. So. If he's going to be playable, he needs to be distinguishable from her. If he's going to be heavier to handle than her because he's not as lithe (although he certainly seemed agile enough in that chase scene), then he needs to be able to take advantage of those differences. I wouldn't mind the option of pushing objects (like bookcases, crates, whatever) down onto enemies, maybe even being able to run at people and knock them over, I dunno. Something that Lara can't do that's handy, make people actually WANT to play him.

Suggestion #5:
Market that can't swim thing. Whether or not it was laziness on the programming part or not, it's cute and endearing, and gives Lara a reason to save Kurtis.

Suggestion #6:
Don't anyone dare set them up as a permanent couple. The X-files lasted so many seasons because of the sexual tension between Mulder and Scully. Climaxing that with a love scene would ultimately ruin it. They're both intelligent, witty and sarcastic (At least I HOPE Kurtis was being sarcastic when he said something about Boaz being a pushover...) and the flirty banter between them is sexy. The way to have him last as a character is to keep that fresh.

Actually, on a side note, Lara's less sarcastic these days and is turning into a downright biatch. Having a *****y option to chose in dialogues is fun after you've saved your game (see: "Don't jerk me around, Bouchard!") but stops being fun after the two or three lines. There's no need for Lara to be mean to people who are helping her, especially non-fightables. It's less fun when you're not sitting in the background cackling at her dialogues, and are staring incredulously at the screen wondering who replaced Lara with some random angry stupid hitman. Her banter with Kurtis was refreshing, being some of the only wit we see from her in AOD. My favourite line is still, "And this... is business." *cough* sure it is.

21st Nov 2003, 15:14
Now here's a level-headed remarks on Kurtis if i ever see one...everything in prespective. At least you don't want him dead...just a second chance.

22nd Nov 2003, 00:36
I like it, Asynca, you're being reasonable....unlike some other people on this forum....

22nd Nov 2003, 11:27
I like your point of view!! ;)

22nd Nov 2003, 20:25
I forgot to add that that flat crotch of his pants does nothing for me. I mean COME ON, Lara has freakishly large breasts, where is Kurtis' answer to that? Just PLEASE don't make it freakishly large. Just present will do.


Ps, I just wrote a very short post-AOD vignette. Check it out. (http://home.iprimus.com.au/asynca/AWOL.htm)

23rd Nov 2003, 00:32
Originally posted by Asynca
I forgot to add that that flat crotch of his pants does nothing for me. I mean COME ON, Lara has freakishly large breasts, where is Kurtis' answer to that?

LOL :D :D :D I guess that part's 'under construction', too. ;)

23rd Nov 2003, 04:59
Kurtis Trent rocks!