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21st Nov 2003, 04:52
First, let me preface this with the statement that this is speculation, but if I am correct, it could be a spoiler regarding the storyline of IW, so the remainder of this is going to be masked. I don't think it's possible to continue discussion on the subject without masking every comment, and still conceal possible spoilers, so if you don't want any, you should probably hit the back button right now.

A link was posted this morning to the new GameSpy preview on IW, and in it they discuss some of the NPCs in the game. They don't give a real name for Her Holiness, the head of the order, but several things in the description lead me to believe that she is none other than Nicolette DuClare.

This has, for me, prompted a change of viewpoint regarding the Order. When I played through Deus Ex, Nicolette was the NPC I empathized the most with of them all, and the one I trusted more than any except Paul. I trusted her far more than I ever did Tracer Tong, much less Morgan Everett or the UNATCO leadership. Up until this point, I had planned on more or less keeping the Order at arms length. In real life, I am somewhat distrustful of organized religion. This was a facet I was going to carry over into the game.

Now, with the leadership of the Order revealed (at least in my mind), I find myself more interested in pursuing their agenda, because I trust it more. It might be short-sighted, and I may well find myself betrayed by this in the long run. Chad is leading the WTO. I didn't have much sympathy for Chad, or respect, in the first game. There is nothing to hold me to this faction, aside from their visible strengths and agenda. I was curious what you all think.

21st Nov 2003, 07:28
How come I can't see what's in the blue box?

[EDIT] Ok, now I could read it. Anyway:
Nicolette was weak, and a fool. Her part in the story was unclear, to be frank, but from what we know she's the daughter of a rich Illuminatus, Beth DuClare, who was also the lover of the president of France. At any rate, she supplied Chad with money, and had connections to Everett, though mild ones, and that was it. She might have had the potential to be much, much more, what with her money, and estates, and whatnot, but instead she chooses to be who she was. Foolish. Her clothes, too, were not great indicators of a stable and sound character, and were more suited for some kind of punk rocker than a person of intellect, who would have a chance at the power to rule the world in DX:IW. I don't even see how exactly you could trust her over great characters, though perhaps a bit devious characters, like Tong. He was the man who had the ability to fight MJ12 technologically and with intellect; he would be a true leader. Besides, this "trust" that you have for Nicolette is strange, because you only had contact with her briefly in Deus Ex 1.If they chose this woman, a mere girl, I should say, to lead a powerful religious group, I will take great joy in thwarting their plans completely.

I don't know whether or not I would join the WTO either, though I did like Chad and his clever way of approaching obstacles. He was a man who could think strategically, and with few men, fewer supplies, and an MJ12 regime ruling things, he managed to get out the word to the people of France to fight their oppressors. Such a leader is much more powerful than someone weak like Nicolette, and would be more suited to rule the world. However, I REALLY didn't like the smiley shirt he wore. It just seemed out of place on a person who should have been much more serious.

In the end, I think I will join the Templars. They seem to be very down-to-Earth people. Powerful people. The Order is a religious group, and, as I have described in my Order poll, which hopefully some of you have seen, they are arguably the worst group to choose, from what we know right now. Religion is not meant to be the ruling power of the world. We know what happens then; look at Medieval Europe, and the many theocracies that followed. Religion and the Church should stay far away from matters of administration, and should provide nothing but spiritual support and guidance to those who choose to receive it. Otherwise, it is not the way to go. Giving power to a bunch of brainwashed fanatics is definetely not what someone with a handful of healthy brain cells would do in real life.

21st Nov 2003, 07:45
lol. cuzz its a shpioler. if you could see it then you would be spoiled. Its designed that way so only those who a\have played the game can read it.