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20th Nov 2003, 23:21
I caved in and read it, preparing for the worst and posted the following (http://forums.gamespot.com/gamespot/board/message?board.id=basic_video&message.id=528702) on the Gamestop forums. Feel free to voice your opinions of Gamespot's review on my thread.

P.S. Of course my husband pointed out how I sound like a total jerk AFTER I posted it. Oh well. Too late now.

I'm not sure if Gamespot requires drug testing for their "employees" but maybe they should consider it in the future.

I, like many others, am completely bewildered by the overly harsh review for Legacy of Kain: Defiance. It's not that the score of 6.9 is too terrible but rather some of the strange things Greg Kasavin uses as arguments against the game. Allow me to dissect some of Mr. Kasavin's comments.

"The story of Legacy of Kain: Defiance is convoluted and seems intended primarily for those who've been keeping up with the series, but even if you have, you might find the events of this game difficult to follow."

"Convoluted" is defined by Dictionary.com as

1. Having numerous overlapping coils or folds: a convoluted seashell.
2. Intricate; complicated: convoluted legal language; convoluted reasoning.

Why yes, the story of the Legacy of Kain series is indeed complicated and intricate! I believe this is one of its main appeals: instead of the cliché rescue the princess, kill the bad guy, save the world routine, we are treated instead with a story of political and philosophical intrigue. It's true the world needs saving, but that's one of the problems: how do you save a world that has been damned for several millennia? Not to mention the fact that there is no doe-eyed love interest to be found, nor a princess in need of saving (although Kain does seem to need to bail Raziel out a lot, but that's what dads are for, right?).

I digress, though.

If I am inferring correctly, Mr. Kasavin feels "Defiance" is overly complicated. But how than this be, if the game is so linear as, Mr. Kasavin later accuses it of being? Perhaps Mr. Kasavin would be better off reviewing games like Devil May Cry or any number of plotless sporting or fighting games which require only enough reflexes to mash buttons in an interesting patterns, since Defiance is clearly over his head.

"Kain's journey begins when he raids the Sarafan stronghold to confront the manipulative Moebius, who seems to know how Kain's and Raziel's fates will intertwine and what is to become of the land of Nosgoth once their conflict comes to an end."

Now, it's been a couple days since I played Defiance but I could have sworn the narrative made it clear that Moebius is known as the "Timestreamer" for a very good reason. Although covered in depth better in Soul Reaver 2 and Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen (AKA Blood Omen 1), Moebius has been meddling with time travel, divination, precognition, and altering the events of the past for hundreds of years. When you can simply think hard enough to look into the future and see what destiny lies in store for anyone, I would imagine that should explain Moebius' foresight.

I don't know if maybe you missed it in the last times or just weren't paying attention to the cutscenes, Mr. Kasavin, but the Legacy of Kain series pretty much revolves around predestination and time travel. Moebius' knowledge of Kain's and Raziel's fate isn't just a convenient addition to the plot, it's something that has been thoroughly covered.

"Frequent in-engine cutscenes are used to convey the storyline, but it's all still rather confusing and eerily similar at first to the plot of Soul Reaver 2."

Well, do you want the game to make sense to the people that haven't played any of the previous games or not? I almost feel like Mr. Kasavin can't decide whether he wants the games to pander to newbs to the series or focus solely on furthering the story for established fans.

"And, if you're new to the series, Defiance offers some supplemental material that can bring you up to speed."

A pity Mr. Kasavin seems to have paid little attention to the "supplemental material," as proven by his complete ignorance of a character who has been one of the main antagonists in two of the four past games.

"They have very similar moves and abilities, which is rather disappointing, since there was clearly an opportunity here to make both characters unique in their own right. Each character brandishes the soul-stealing reaver blade--Kain, its corporeal form, and Raziel, its spirit form--and each character can perform nearly identical moves and combos using his respective version of the sword."

Can we even be sure that Mr. Kasavin actually played the game? While the button combinations are the same for Kain and Raziel, the moves appear very differently and their respective Reaver upgrades all have a variety of unique abilities.

Oh, and one thing: while he speaks of Defiance being similar to Soul Reaver 2, how did he manage to miss one of the main plot points of it? Kain's corporeal blade no longer steals souls.

"In Kain's case, he can [telekinetically] grab hold of them and fling them around, which is good for some sadistic fun but usually not as effective as the reaver's heavy slashes."

Which is more effective: removing an enemy from your path entirely by throwing him off a cliff, or beating him up with heavy slash that ahs the potential of being interrupted by said enemy?

"When fighting groups of enemies, it's really not dangerous to stop and feed on one, since the others will tend to do nothing while you drink or eat your fill."

That depends on how it is done. I was interrupted by enemy attacks when attempting to feed. Is this a pro or a con?

"Even if you do lose all your energy, you just start back at a recent checkpoint--Kain and Raziel are both immortal--so the combat in the game isn't challenging."

How is starting over at a last checkpoint relevant to the difficulty of combat? Every game requires you to start over somewhere after you lose your energy, right? Whether the game calls it getting knocked out, dying, or recorporealizing, what's the difference? This argument of Mr. Kasavin's is nothing short of foolish.

"It definitely gets tedious, though, due to the generally bland variety of enemies and the limited variety of attacks available to Kain and Raziel. They'll acquire a few special moves during the course of their adventures, but these are nothing special, so you'll instead be relying on the same types of combos over and over."

Once again, I don't know if the author missed it but there's a LOT of room for improvised combos and a nearly infinite number of methods to take down an enemy; it's essentially identical to Devil May Cry's combat system, only without the rating system to show whether you've been creative or not. Sure, you can combo three normal slashes together for the entire game, but that's the only way I can see it getting tedious.

"Eventually you'll realize you can just run right past most enemies, though often enough, you'll be forced to fight before you can proceed to the next area."

You can do this in just about any action game, can't you?

"In previous games, they each had various brutal finishing moves depending on which weapon they were using, including just their claws."

Except for Blood Omen 1 and Soul Reaver 1. So um, only in two of the previous games. Either way, this could be seen as a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you like your combat: do you want a flashy finishing move or a creative combo system?

"In Defiance, you'll have seen everything the combat has to offer very quickly."

Maybe if you only played the demo. Kain has five Reaver upgrades plus four special attacks and Raziel has six Reaver upgrades plus four special attacks. All of those upgrades have different special attacks: for example, Raziel's Water Reaver special freezes enemies temporarily while Kain's Balance upgrade causes a huge knockback effect. The Fire Reaver upgrade for both of them sets enemies aflame, causing enemies to run amok, sometimes igniting their comrades. The Dark Reaver upgrade for Raziel makes him invisible, allowing him to attack enemies without abandon. Many of the upgrades aren't uncovered until late in the game so it's impossible to see "everything the combat has to offer very quickly."

"As in the Soul Reaver games, Raziel can exist either in the material plane or in the spectral plane... in which weird monsters run amok."

Maybe I'm nitpicking here but Soul Reaver 1 and the manuals for both Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance explain these "weird monsters" quite thoroughly. Come to think of it, Defiance does too, so what's the problem, Mr. Kasavin? Did you go off for a smoke or fix dinner while the cutscenes were running or something? I certainly hope Gamespot isn't paying you to offer an unfair opinion of a game and affect a company's profit simply because you cannot be bothered to listen to the story.

"The game uses a roving camera perspective, so unlike in recent games in the series, you don't always get an ideal vantage point. In Capcom's Devil May Cry, this roving camera technique was used to give the game a distinct sense of style and plenty of cinematic flair... The inability to move the camera to where you'd like it (you do have a limited, but largely useless, ability to pan the perspective) makes many of the jumping sequences needlessly annoying and also results in enemies routinely blindsiding you from off the screen."

Devil May Cry had a roving camera? Maybe I'm just forgetful but I recall struggling with Devil May Cry's STATIC camera angle just as badly as the camera angles in Capcom's other games (I think Onimusha 1 is the only Capcom game in which the scenery has not frequently interefered with my view of the action)

As for the "useless perspective pan," this solved any difficulties I personally had in making careful jumps or being blindsided by offscreen enemies.

"It's that the lack of an automap or even a compass needle, coupled with the constantly shifting perspective, can be maddening."

Did that lack of an automap or compass bother you in Devil May Cy? Or Soul Reaver 1, for that matter? I'll concede a compass like that seen in Soul Reaver 2 would be nice but a map just doesn't seem necessary.

"It'll take you probably twice as long to finish Legacy of Kain: Defiance than it would take you to get through the average action adventure game, but, in the end, a number of these hours will seem like they were wasted."

That sounds like a personal problem.

"However, most of the puzzles are rather uninspired block-pushing, lever-pressing affairs."

Did I miss some interesting puzzles in the oh-so-vaunted Devil May Cry games? Or any action game, for that matter. Either way, this is a matter of personal preference. People complained about the block puzzles in Soul Reaver 1 so Crystal Dynamics took them out entirely and created totally unique puzzles instead. Apparently this isn't good enough, either.

"Aside from those, most of the game consists of key hunts, only the keys here have fancy, gothic-sounding names, like the 'rusted scales.'"

Now this is just petty and insulting. How is "rusted scales" fancy OR gothic?

"As both Kain and Raziel, you'll imbue the reaver with various elemental properties, which allow you to access certain areas you couldn't previously reach and which cause the blade to emit different-looking sparkles."

Why does this sound so derogatory? Did you want them to get new weapons entirely? They were called the Soul Reaver games for a reason, you know. The sword itself is something of a character at this point.

"This, too, will be familiar territory to the fans of the series for whom this game is ideally suited."

I don't see how this is necessarily a bad thing. As a fan of the series prior to Defiance, I was very much hoping that Defiance would not pander to the newbs of the series, as I have been looking forward to some closure since Soul Reaver 1 opened so many doors four years ago.

"The character models for Kain and Raziel also look quite good (though very similar to these characters' appearances in the Soul Reaver games), which is fortunate, since you'll be seeing an awful lot of them."

*laughs* Were you hoping they had gotten new outfits since the last game? Also, in what game DON'T you see an awful lot of the main characters? This criticism is absolutely pointless.

"Legacy of Kain: Defiance has an outstanding premise, but it's ultimately a disappointment."

Well, that isn't surprising considering it appears the author barely bothered to play the game at all and payed very little attention to the story.

"Unfortunately, though, the gameplay itself just isn't particularly entertaining, thanks to the one-two punch of the constantly shifting camera angles and the lack of a map."

"Professional" game critics really need to decide whether they want a static camera or a fluid camera because it seems like no matter what game designers give them, the critics aren't satisfied.

I guess an intuitive combat system, a deeply philosophical, thought-provoking plot and witty characterization just isn't for everyone.

21st Nov 2003, 00:09
perhaps u should send that in to gamespot so they can fire that guy, lol...and good job

21st Nov 2003, 00:12
He he, nice ^_^
I think it got a bit nitpicky at some points, but overall a good read. I haven't even read the review, and I think it's now pretty obvious that it would be a waste of my life to do so anyway. And I do indeed think that many reviewers only play barely as much as they need on games they don't like. I've read lots of others where you get the feeling that the game's been played for half an hour, tops.
Obviously, game reviewers can't be as smart as the makers of the game, and therefore, by default, not fit to complain. What takes more intelligence: Creating a game or telling people how bad that particular game is? I think I made my point :D

Also, just a side note: Why do all reviewers think that complicated stories are a bad thing. I remember a review I read of Tactics Ogre for the GBA. I noticed one complaint in particular (there weren't many) that said: The story is to complex for it's own good. It's hard to keep track of all the names and intrigues (or something like that).
After I played it, my only complaint was that the story should have been a bit more complex, and cover more background of the different factions and such. What is up with that? It seems game reviewers can't stomach a story that doesn't contain at least half of the items on this list: http://project-apollo.net/text/rpg.html
And even then only if everything is spelled out clearly for them so they don't get confused. :rolleyes:

21st Nov 2003, 00:23
A-Bomber: Well, I posted it on the Gamespot board and got nothing but negative responses so I don't think it would help much.

Caer-caveral: Yeah, I did get too nit-picky and I'm a bit embaressed about it now. Hindsight is 20/20, though. You'd think after all these years I'd just keep my mouth shut but noooo... *chuckles*

By the way, any relation to Caer Cadarn? If so, you might know me as Naemaru...

21st Nov 2003, 00:25
Post it in their review section for the game. It's excellent! If enough people point out what an incompetent review Greg wrote, maybe it will inspire them to change their attitude.

Apocrypha Roxy
21st Nov 2003, 00:55
People like him shouldn't be allowed to breed. Next thing you know Sesame Street will become too convoluted. And they happen to like that word, too. That's all I read in OPM - the story is too convoluted. Convoluted convoluted convoluted.

Use some different adjectives, man... free your mind, man... !

I thought DMC really sucked. Pardon my language, but I do think it was that bad. I actually refused to play the game for over a year (I got it for $19.99, so it's not like I wasted money on that crap) due to the camera. It royally ticked me off. The story (heh, what an oxymoron - DMC has a story!) was absolutely threadbare and the combat was just ok. And you see the SAME BADDIES. Same enemies throughout DMC 1 and 2. And if you thought DMC1 was utter tosh, DMC2 really takes the cake, icing and cherry. They threw in a bunch of enemies with fancy 'convoluted' names and never explained them. Except you could look in the file and see what it said. And it said all this stuff about... you know, all 'gothic fancy stuff' which had NOTHING to do with the story. Just there to fight. At least in DMC1 Phantom spoke to you. Plus Dante wasn't a badass in it like before. Let's not go near Lucia. I only like her because her blades are wicked, and they slightly developed her character, however cheesy it was.

Hey, man, if you want hack-n-slash, go play one of the all-foam-no-beer games out there that are so wildly popular. If you want intellectual stimulation, play LoK or Castlevania (another one that OPM described as convoluted; they must've invested in a second-grade dictionary) or any other game with a STORY.

21st Nov 2003, 02:27
Well...I had read teh review...and I read your reply...and...well...I think the Gamespot review has valid points. And I think you refuted alot of things that, well didn't seem to be points at all. It seemed like he was just making neutral observations and you refuted his neutral observations. It came off 'fanboy'ish. To be honest I'm not terribly fond of most of the Raziel gameplay. I don't think it's bad. But it's not great either. Voradors mansion was good, but all the time spent in the Vampire Citadel imbueing the Reaver...Raziel spends the entire game imbuing the Reaver. It gets old. Avernus and Vorador's are grade A stuff in my book, but I got sick of that darn citadel with it's portals and crap. And then Kain has to drudge through the same place. It fits with the story of course, it's the story that holds the game so tightly together, story aside I would've gotten incredibly sick of the Vamp Citadel. But aside from that place, I loved every bit of Kain's gameplay. I just think they could've used the citadel less, or at least made the architecture more varying. It's an overused location, especially when both heroes use the same locations in different times.
Honestly I don't think I'm really a fair reviewr of the game, nor most people in this forum on account of when you love these characters so much, you're bound to see easily past any flaws. But y'know, what was it rated, 6.9? That's the stupidest thing I ever heard. Just say it's a 7. I would've been satisfied with a 7 by someone who isn't a fan of teh series.

21st Nov 2003, 05:08
I tried to back you up in the forum...someone had to...
that Greg kassavin is a cocky SOB...

22nd Nov 2003, 00:59
Originally posted by LauraOrganaSolo
Caer-caveral: Yeah, I did get too nit-picky and I'm a bit embaressed about it now. Hindsight is 20/20, though. You'd think after all these years I'd just keep my mouth shut but noooo... *chuckles*

By the way, any relation to Caer Cadarn? If so, you might know me as Naemaru...
Nope, sorry. Never even heard that nick before...
And don't be so hard on yourself. Game reviewers need people to reprimand them from time to time, or they'll get way too full of themselves. I did pretty much the same thing myself in a Swedish magazine's forum, after they reviewed Guilty Gear X2 (my fav game to date) and did a horrible job doing so. There wasn't a single line in the review that couldn't have been written after a bare ten minutes of playing.

Kain's Legacy
22nd Nov 2003, 09:09
I do agree with some aspects of the Gamespot review.....but not many of them.Your rebuttal also brings up a lot of good points as well as the idiocy and empty mindedness of the Gamespot reviewer,who seems to have little to no knowledge of the Legacy of Kain series and seems to think it's supposed to be a sequel to a game and will sport new costumes,weapons,moves,whatever.

Looking back on it now after I beat Defiance,there were a few things that I wish were worked on and weren't stressed so much.

-I wish that the game at parts wasn't oriented around imbuing the Reaver so many times.It seemed that all Raziel was doing was going to different forges and Kain would follow suit but was just 'passing by'.

-The combat is a HUGE step in the right direction,but I wish there was a little more to it.Maybe some different unique moves to Kain and/or Raziel would've been cool (both in control and what they did).Also,I wish there was more to the TK then pushing and pulling and 'trapping' enemies,I wish Kain could do some nasty stuff like tear enemies apart,or throw the Reaver at them while they were 'caught' by the TK.I loved the combat,but I wish there was more.I do have to admit that I do also miss using different weapons like in Blood Omen 2.I'm not saying CD should go back,but it's just something to think about for the next game.

-I do kind of wish there was more...like actually walking through Avernus while the town around was burning,watching as the demons and such attack you and innocent townsfolk.I also wish some stages weren't always so repetitive towards the end.Like Kain wandering through the forges and such.I wanted more chapters and more new places to see!Having unique stages for each character like the Sarafan Stronghold,Elder God's realm and Vorador's Mansion was awesome.But at times I felt like I was doing the same thing over and over again.I really miss the exploration of Soul Reaver.

I'm not trying to be negative all the way here,I just guess I wished for some more,I didn't want the game to end!But I wish the combat system was a little deeper and more fun than it was,but it's definitely a good 'skeleton' to pack more meat onto.

I was also hoping to visit many more places from ancient Nosgoth,and I was disappointed when it turned out I had to imbue the Reaver in so many forges yet again.

22nd Nov 2003, 09:44
What do you expect, Laura? It's my experience that anything dealing with vampires is automatically stigmatized.

22nd Nov 2003, 10:11
Meh, I suppose I should spoiler this just in case
I agree, and from a plot standpoint, Kain didn't need to trudge through the Reaver forges, that was pointless. Sure it was cool to see the reverse order of events, since you'd play through an area as Raziel and make use of some hole in a wall, and then play as Kain 500 years prior to that and see him knock that whole in the wall. But since Kain only needed to collect the pieces of the Balance Emblems, he honestly didn't need to be in the Reaver Forges, it could have been done in an entirely different section of the Vamp place, hell he could have passed through a town on his way to...something, and it had a dungeon on its outskirts and there'd be non aggressive humans to slaughter, or drink, or leave alone, or simply toss around with TK and laugh and laugh and laugh, there were more environmental possibilities, that's my major gripe.


Evelin The Winged
22nd Nov 2003, 14:15
Let me just say that that the idiot who made that review is obviously incapable of understanding complex storylines, and obviously isn't someone who would like the Matrix movies (complicated story, it's obvious).

22nd Nov 2003, 15:41
I recently bought the XBOX for the home and decided to play catch up on the games by only buying used cheap XBOX Titles.
Then I discovered the Blockbuster freedom pass that actually will allow me to rent unlimited games throughout the month.

Okay, Now that I confused you enough, here is my experience with the GAMESPOT Review.......

I am a big fan of the Legacy of series but suprisingly was able to totally miss the boat on the new LOK: Defiance coming out. In fact, I had recently bought a used Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 for $8.99 (Great Deal). I wanted to compare the graphics to my PS2.

I went to gamespot's website to get comparison shots when I found most wonderful treat that LOK:Defiance had recently was release. Horay!!!! (Blockbuster Freedom Pass) I was completely thrilled..........Until I read the review.

My heart sank :( ... I couldn't, but could believe it...

Let me explain:

I thoroughly enjoy the story line of the games, I enjoy the graphics , music, sounds, and colorful contrasts and excellent gothic settings of all of the LOK series. But, what I have aways dreaded was the slow and redunded gameplay starting back with Soul Reaver I. Yet, the gamepsot review gave a small glimmer of hope by comparing the game to Devil May Cry (excellent game I and II)...

But the review stop there as positive points and bashed it to the very end of the review.

Never-the-less, being the LOK diehard that I am, I grabbed my keys and dotted straight to my local Blockbuster to pick up the game, and guess what? In my shock, it [wasn't] rented out. I paused for 1/10th of a second and then quickly snatched the game from the shelf hugging it as if it was the last chocolate chip cookie on a snack plate in the lunch breakroom at my workplace. (I can never get the last cookie.) :mad:

Went straight home and fired up my perfectly unscratched XBOX for a little...... why am I kidding..... ALOT (not stopping til I finish the game) of gameplay! :)

I'm rambling, Long story short.... and I hate to say it, but every negative thing that the review said happened to me, the glitching views, falling into a dead end out of the game to parrish into a white screen to my death???? (it happened twice to me) The two characters, what you see is what you get attack moves, and the long travels to complete a chapter (note: not as long and the previous LOK's but, only because Defiance picked up the speed of running compared to the previous games.

12 hours straight gameplay and I was spent, I went to bed saying to myself the review was right? The review was right? But, the game is so beautiful, exciting to find out what happens next, the music the sounds, the storyline. I don't know I'm so confuZZZzZzzzzzz......d

I woke up the next morning fresh! Ding! Finishing my sentence... edddd?

I LIKE THE GAME ANYWAY!!!!! And that was it. I couldn't put it down, I was having fun, everyone scene was patching the previous story together and yes I am going to finish this game today!!!!!!!!

If, it wasn't for the game review I would give a game rating a 9.5 do to my bias opinion because I'm such a big fan. But, I feel it deserves a solid 8 and let me tell you why.

I finished the game kissed it..And returned it to Blockbuster.. So, satisfied (even with the end of Raz and the question of how Kain can be a HEARTLESS Vampire unlike other vampires (All the rest!!). Plus, a bonus... that the series can continue because of the ending of Defiance.

I decided to rent Prince of Persia!!!! Couldn't wait.

OMG!!! The game is so slow compared to LOK:Defiance I was dying, graphics, ehhhhh sound, music ehhhhhhh....... I was stunned and happy at the same time (LOK:Defiance truly rules) I decided to I give P-O-P two thumbs down and returned the rental and pick a better game ummmm Castlevania? aaaaaannnnkkkkk WRONG ANSWER!!!!!! The game is a joke what a sad game. Storyline, OMG I was dying........... Another long story-short.

I'm changing my rating to a 9.8!!!! The .2 is for the negatives found in the gamespot review.

Wish me luck in finding a game to play now, because I'm batting zero......

I didn't spell check so forgive the grammaticals. lol


23rd Nov 2003, 17:19

I hope that Eidos, CD, and Amy don`t listen to that little twerp. I put my 2 cents worth in, on another thread about the review. I think they locked the one that Laura started.

Greg Kasavin is a moron.

I`ve played a lot of games, and the whole LoK series is the best, bar none. I even loved BO2. ( dodging projectiles being thrown at me).

I already finished the game 4 times and still can`t get enough. Bring on the next one!

23rd Nov 2003, 20:01
did anybody, read the GameSpy review? (link (http://www.gamespy.com/reviews/november03/lokdefiancexbox/) ) It got 3/5. That's even worse than GameSpot

23rd Nov 2003, 21:45
Laura, I think your rebuttal is the problem. The original review is reasonable. He's not saying the game is total trash, just that it has not-insignificant flaws which make it less enjoyable.

Things like your refusal to acknowledge that some of his criticisms could be accurate, the indignant tone of your rebuttal, and the personal attacks found therein and thereafter do convey a sort of irrational and blind devotion.

Perhaps a more level-headed reworking of the rebuttal would do the game better service.

23rd Nov 2003, 22:26
I acknowledged that I went a bit overboard shortly after I posted it, JRootabega. I still believe that the entire review was unreasonably negative in tone and that a number of his points were foolish, though.

24th Nov 2003, 00:31
So ya did. Sorry.

Apocrypha Roxy
24th Nov 2003, 01:37
Defiance is a beautiful game, that's a given. I had no glitches, and the only thing that bothered me was when I was in combat and there'd be a wall (like in Vorador's mansion) in front of the camera and I couldn't see through it (and you can't rotated the camera).
Otherwise it's pure joy.
And I liked BO2, also. Not bad. B*stard child of the series, but not bad.

I have PoP:SoT. I like it! I've always been a fan, and I'm not dissappointed. Love the music, love the graphics, love the combat, love the story. The Prince and Farah have personality; they jab at one another with sarcasm occasionally (at least, as far as I am in the game). When I played the demo disc on November's OPM, I had to have it.
Plus, it's cool to goof around with Time. Rewind! :D

BTW if anyone's played it, I'm in the area just past the Cistern/Resevoir, and there's a rope above a pit of spikes in water, with 2 switches (one clickable) and one apparent drawbridge thing. on the walls. I click the switch and I hear something open, but I cannot find it (the drawbridge doesn't open).

Lady Kreliana
26th Nov 2003, 11:15
Well, I always say that the people who say LoK is mediocre are the people who don't have the brain capacity to follow the story.

Oh no, I have to actually think about what's going on! AHHHH!

26th Nov 2003, 13:10
I think SR1 and SR2 had better combat systems. Raziel just looked better holding a long gothic halberd than the "haunting" wraith blade. But from a story point the forever poignant soul reaver functions better than a giant axe.

God I did hate the changes in the combat system -_-

I love the claws and killing the opponet and stealing their weapons in part 1.

I love the combative nature with the soul reaver while fighting demons in sr2.

I hope by the time lok:6 comes out 9.6gb dvds will be the standard.
Imagine an entire midevil war room at your disposal added with more eyecandy than a matrix fight scene.

O_O 7:12am..
*drags himself into bed

I will be back in about 2-3 hours to post something logical when I well rested