View Full Version : Working LAN for PS2 !!!!!

The Skeletor
20th Nov 2003, 22:24
It took forever but now me and my son can play TIMESPITTERS 2 over the LAN (GOOD-BY Split screen) Now I need one more Network Adaptor and another copy of the TIMESPLITTERS 2 game, so my other son can play on, Yup I am using RJ-45 and a old 5-port eithernet HUB with two PS2 and network Adapotors. and the game plays FLAWLESS!!, With ATV2 I get a ping of 22-66, Ya I know that the iLink will do all this ( Thats what I used before the LAN was up and running. But with the 3rd PS2 waiting in line to play, and I could not find a Firewire HUB here) Plus I have heard that the new PS2's will not have iLink in them. Beside it works so much better on a LAN than iLink (Had the iLink for 4-5 months now)