View Full Version : Renewed Faith (Demo Still For Today?)

20th Nov 2003, 22:05

The 6th post down, one of the game's designers says that the plan is still to release it today.

Later on that page, Chris Carollo says it wasn't fileplanet, and reassures that he thinks it'll be released today.

20th Nov 2003, 23:25
phew damn thats good news indeed

20th Nov 2003, 23:34
Originally posted by nacr0mancer
phew damn thats good news indeed

Ok, here we are... Yesterday again.. Nothing definitive whether this is Fileplanet subscribers, waiting line or just free demo for all..

Know nothing as to when today, it feels like Yesterday.

Hardly living up to Versalifes "We make Tomorrow seem like yesterday"

20th Nov 2003, 23:38
If it were fileplanet subscriber-exclusive (try saying that 5 times fast), don't you think they're be advertising it a little bit more? All I've seen so far on gamespy is one elusive page with a couple insinuative sentences.

21st Nov 2003, 14:34
I think one thread on this topic is sufficient.