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Jesus, P.I.
20th Nov 2003, 21:14
Athlete Recognition
Middle School Cheerleading
Alex Denton

Alex Denton
14 yrs. old
8th Grade
Nominated by Coach Lisa Evans

http://www.charactercounts.chaves.nm.us/athletes/2002_2003/alex_denton.htm/Alex Denton

Coach Evans says, "Alex showed pride, team spirit, and continual outstanding character throughout the season. She is an asset to Lake Arthur Schools and a true team leader."

Alex is Team Captain, a member of Panther Pride, and on the Honor Roll. She also participates in Cheerleading and Volleyball, as well as, Basketball. Her future includes becoming an X-Ray Technician.

CURSES!!! Can't get the image to display!!!. Too bad; she was kinda cute :D

20th Nov 2003, 21:18
Originally posted by Jesus, P.I.

BTW, if this violates privacy, then by all means close the thread, but don't sue me, sue google :) [/B]

It violates a number of things, but privacy isn't one of them. :p

Jesus, P.I.
20th Nov 2003, 21:22
Originally posted by Mehrunes
It violates a number of things, but privacy isn't one of them. :p

Well, you caught me taking a last ditch measure. I didn't know what else to do :(

20th Nov 2003, 21:22
[link to image removed]

Lol...i'd violate her....in like 4 years :p

[NO Offence meant !!!,just a joke !!!!,i'll play with the other Alex Denton (femaLE VERSION) IN A FEW MONTHS ]

Jesus, P.I.
20th Nov 2003, 21:29
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Red_Carnage
[B]Lol...i'd violate her....in like 4 years :p

You'd wait that long?! :eek:

Joking, Joking :(

Ok, moderators, you may now ban my IP; I deserve it

20th Nov 2003, 21:35
LOL..i have t5o...in my country they have to be AT LEAST 18 years....so...i HAVE to wait :(
Clksoing this thread/deleting it IS not such a bad idea...like the joke though...

/me gets hit by a scary thought...what if...she...is like....the "mom" of Alex D. ingame ??
Like...she's intrested in X-Ray stuff and all...she could make a vision enhancement biomod in the future..adn errr...damn....this is another sign i played TOO much DX1 i guess...

20th Nov 2003, 21:53
RedCarnage: "...Lol...i'd violate her....in like 4 years..."

lol. me too

Jesus, P.I.
20th Nov 2003, 22:12
Oh Jesus, I've unleashed a monster!!

This was not supposed to be a thread on child molestation! What have I done?!

*gouges out eyes*

Catman, Random, if you are out there, please close this thread before its too late!!

20th Nov 2003, 22:19
as a forum moderator myself, i find it strange that so few r actually able to use the "delete this post" box to get rid of the threads they make...

Sylvester Ink
20th Nov 2003, 22:36
This is kinda scary. A bunch of DX fanboys finding information about poor Alex. And it proves that there's ALWAYS a conspiracy. (THEY ARE OUT TO GET YOU!) And not only that, they are thinking . . . dirty thoughts.
I fear the day they make a popular game with the main character named . . . um . . . Sylvester Ink. Yeah. ;)

20th Nov 2003, 22:38

I said i'd wait 4 years :p
She'll be 18 by then...legal age :)
I'm no child molestor...ok..i molest keyboards,sometimes monitors,but that's another thing
And for all due clearance :
Molest as in hit/smash and such...not in THAT way...sicko's....:p

20th Nov 2003, 22:57
I'd hit it

20th Nov 2003, 23:49
You know, it's always weird to me when people say stuff like

in my country they have to be AT LEAST 18 yearsbecause that girl looks like she's only a year or so younger than I am (16).

*points and laughs at all those old people* :D

21st Nov 2003, 01:43
I don't know about the privacy issues (if it's on the internet, I'd say it's public information), but some of the comments in this thread are very inappropriate, jokes or not.

21st Nov 2003, 14:28
Addtional note: Keep in mind that in many cases, parents will look over the shoulders of people browsing this forum. We'd prefer not to get email from horrified parents.