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20th Nov 2003, 17:01
There's a quick writeup on HomeLan Fed (http://www.homelanfed.com/index.php?id=18772), complete with the usual typos. ;)

And this more in-depth look at Gamehelper (http://pcmac.gamehelper.com/articles/463.htm), which I believe escaped notice here yesterday.

Both are very positive, but I'll leave it at that. ;)

20th Nov 2003, 17:07
Beeeeeutiful reviews that make me shine on the inside... So, so happy, THE DEMO IS COMING OUT TODAY!!! YAY!!!

Jesus, P.I.
20th Nov 2003, 17:21
Quote from HomeLan:

"The sequel revolves around Alex D (which can be a man or a woman depending on what genre you choose at the beginning of the game)"

Sheesh, where do these people get linguistic education, Gamespy forums? :rolleyes:

Ah well, the preview is posotive and indicates some good things to come.

20th Nov 2003, 17:27
The writing teacher in me wants to shout at that writer, "Since the player chooses the sex, not the gender, you shouldn't have made that mistake!"

20th Nov 2003, 17:37
that there are a maximum of two modifications available per weapon, uninstallable once loaded, of course.

I don't remember who was asking about that recently

FuriousNoob >:-(
20th Nov 2003, 17:42
Originally posted by Le`Sauveur`De`Ces`Dames
I don't remember who was asking about that recently

That was me that asked that, well i guess i got my answer :p

Jesus, P.I.
20th Nov 2003, 18:29
Previewer says:
This change has also abolished the entire concept of “reloading”, and I found that my automatic weapons actually had a bottomless clip, allowing me to just run around leaning on the trigger until the ammo counter dropped to zero with no stops whatsoever. This is definitely something I consider a massive change to the gameplay, and I’m going to have to log more time before I can fully grasp the impact it has.

I wasnt sure if this belonged in this thread or one of the reloading threads, so sorry if I'm on the wrong turf. Just wanted to point out that reloading, while definitely not a make-or-break type of thing, is important not only to us grunts in the forums, but also some of those mega-gods who get to play the game before the rest of us. :)

Edit: And just do you don't think I'm bashing, I'll include this one as well from the same source.

Kids, it’s not about the ammo being unified, or the multitool and lockpick being combined into one. It’s not about computer hacking being simplified or the inability to manually dial into keypads anymore. It’s about being immersed into a beautiful storyline with gameplay that doesn’t make you work to carry out the most simple of tasks, and having a variety of characters with their own agendas to interact with. It’s about rigging your bet at the Greasel fights by sneaking into an opponent’s house and murdering his precious animal to improve your odds. And it’s about burying an annoying spider-bot in crates and traffic cones to get it out of your way because your weapons lack enough punch to take it out without blowing through a bunch of ammo. Warren Spector’s next baby is coming, and boy is it a doozy.

Don't want the big bad Catman to come after me for "selective quoting" ;)

20th Nov 2003, 18:35
And considering there hasn't been a negative comment about it in any of the previews so far, maybe it's not such a big deal. ;)

Jesus, P.I.
20th Nov 2003, 20:50
Originally posted by Random
And considering there hasn't been a negative comment about it in any of the previews so far, maybe it's not such a big deal. ;)

I agree, what I said was just aimed at the folks who argue that reloading doesn't matter. They often say that people who have played the game don't miss it one bit. I am just pointing out that reloading is significant to some of us, and this time I have a little evidence :)

Doesn't mean that it will necessaroty have an adverse effect on gameplay

20th Nov 2003, 21:11
Hmm...This sounds funny too

"Deus Ex: Invisible War doesn’t need any prior knowledge of the first title to understand what is going on"

The sequel doesn't need prior knowledge of the first title?.. What the..

Bio Denton
20th Nov 2003, 21:35
lol this one kills me and I'm sure everyone who reads it will be nodding knowingly and chuckling:

Quite the change from the original game where it was possible to create an uber-pistol with a laser sight, scope, silencer, and enough modifications for it to have absolutely no recoil, the range of a sniper rifle, and enough accuracy to plant a headshot from fifty feet away while running.

21st Nov 2003, 00:06
LOL nice sig Bio Denton lol

21st Nov 2003, 00:32
True, I found the pistol to be the best weapon in the game (more or less) I used it for everything until I started running out of ammo. Granted, I could never get it to quite match the distance and power of the sniper, I found it to me nearly as effective in those regards in much more in terms of firing rate and ammo availibility.