View Full Version : Is this a sign?

20th Nov 2003, 08:07
I see that number on the game's forums the same day the demo is going to be released...that's gotta mean it's good...

20th Nov 2003, 08:08
How in the world does that mean it's good?

20th Nov 2003, 08:24
heh you must not know 1337 5P34|<, |>U|>3 ;)

P|-|34R 7|-|3 1337 5P34|< OMFGWTFRVAKLZZT!!!!!!!!

20th Nov 2003, 10:03
you lost me around the RVAKLZZT

20th Nov 2003, 14:20
i some how feel corrupted by such intense use of leet speak

Bio Denton
20th Nov 2003, 14:55
*Throws a DTS at nimbus*

20th Nov 2003, 18:59
you lost me around the RVAKLZZT

I hope so, I was just typing randomly by then :D

BTW, this is a wonderful site for all those who wish to learn more of the mysterious ways of the 1337:

How 1337 are you then? (http://www.1337.org.uk/)

didn't know the British folks were so 1337 themselves. :p