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20th Nov 2003, 06:00
As saddened as I am that there will be no Startopia 2 - even the faint hope that someone would change their mind is over with the demise of Muckfoot. However I played a demo for a new game today called Space Colony.

It's not exactly Startopia but it isn't far off it. Rather than having hordes of aliens with the same personalities you have a limited number of residents with distinct personalities. Its definetly on my to buy (or get for Christmas) list.

20th Nov 2003, 06:06
It's definately worth the purchase! There's another thread about it here: Space Colony (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=26112)

22nd Nov 2003, 03:29
England are going to win the World Cup in a few hours. I can't wait! :D

22nd Nov 2003, 12:44
And they just did! :D

22nd Nov 2003, 12:46
Scotland lost 6 -0 to Holland the other day.

Why is it we Scots suck at everything?

22nd Nov 2003, 18:21
Well you beat the dutch 1-0 before that, but they weren't on form that match. I don't think even Brazil would be comfortable facing the Dutch when they're on form.

PS England are here to stay;


22nd Nov 2003, 21:29
Did you do that yourself?

How many litres of paint did you use?