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19th Nov 2003, 18:32
hi all,

as i was surfing the web 2 days ago i saw that the DX 2 is comming out very soon. me, and old DX gamer had to think back of the old days and wanted to install the game.

now here lies my problem, whenever put the cd in the cd-rom drive and wait for the autorun window to popup it crashes and says that the DLL-file called F:\system\Windows.dll isnt a legally windows-copie. and then it tells me to check it with the isntalation disc.

i checked it on a non Win XP machine and it just says the file is damaged (probbly a scrach on the cd)

but does anyone have any ideas on how i can get past this? so i can install it normally? just spme sort file that i can open from outside the cd-rom and then continu to install from the cd or something?


a desparate Ifox

19th Nov 2003, 18:39
Try copying the entire CD to a temporary directory on your hard drive and running set.exe from that directory.

19th Nov 2003, 19:33
tried it, but gives the same prob, cant copy it.

20th Nov 2003, 14:30
Go to techtv.com and search on CD scratch repair -- I recall that they covered this a few times on their help shows, and the information should be online as well.

If that fails, you could either order a replacement CD from Eidos or buy a new copy of the game (which may be just as cost effective).

Sorry I don't have a better solution. :(

Bio Denton
20th Nov 2003, 15:15
Don't use the auto-run, just right click and "explore" the CD, then run setup.